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  1. CCshinobi
    So much has happened this year career-wise, I've hardly caught my breath. Lil exhausted. I miss the golden days of posting here daily :(
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  2. Drew
    Despite everything, I love this forum.
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    2. quentin galloway
      quentin galloway
      Me too, It's been a part of my life, I never wanted to abandoned it, my most memorable moments in this website are smash mushroom collab 3, Halloween Fever,Maple Rushed 2 and Hageshii Sukiru Bash Collab 3
      Sep 17, 2021 at 4:59 AM
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    3. CCshinobi
      @Drew I'm so glad you and everyone else on the Discord currently have stuck around for this long - so much has happened, but every week I still find myself coming back here reminiscing and wondering when/if I'll animate again ;__;
      Sep 19, 2021 at 1:20 AM
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  3. BenthekidRS
    Benthekid RISES from the dead!
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  4. Shulkle
    You ever just look at your old forum posts or messages and think, "Wow, I'm a mean person."
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    2. Hatim
      not if i blame it on the forum instead
      Sep 10, 2021
    3. Blanc
      Yeah, the joys of being online for a decade will do that to you
      Sep 10, 2021
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    4. Kayas
      Why would I do that when I can blame the current members for my own problems 10+ years ago?
      Sep 11, 2021
  5. Kaiidrah
    I haven't animated maple in so long I deadass forgot how to lol.
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    2. CCshinobi
      I know that feel :/
      Sep 7, 2021
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  6. quentin galloway
  7. quentin galloway
    quentin galloway
    Rest Paradise to Thea White and Ed Asner, our childhood kindest heroes.
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  8. BulbaWhat98
    I've got a lot planned throughout now and next year around this time. I'm pretty excited to start production with the collaborators on them
  9. Kaneko
    1. Pepsi101Loser
      Aug 28, 2021
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    2. Hatim
      you left the art team to rot
      Aug 28, 2021
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    3. BulbaWhat98
      Aug 28, 2021
  10. Lykern
    nvm.. should at least try to finish the last 3 animations first..
  11. Lykern
    emotions smoothened, imaginations lesser, realism more balanced, less hysterical, better able to think calmly - no more reason to animate?
  12. quentin galloway
    quentin galloway DeeJay
    Happy 25th late Birthday.
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    2. DeeJay
      Hey Quentin, thanks so much man!! I appreciate it!
      Aug 18, 2021
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  13. Tyrian
  14. TakashiTrapper
    Foot collab 3.5 pt 2 out now!!!
  15. BulbaWhat98
    I compiled all 4 of the Maple Limitless collabs into one video, plus an announcement regarding the future of ML
  16. Dally
    I'm so tired of "Air Duct Cleaning Service" scams calling me lol.
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  17. RamStickChan
    Friendly reminder that Non-Gamers can have 8 GBs of RAM. Gamers should have at least 16 GBs. Devs and artists should go for 32 GBs! Yay!
  18. CCshinobi
    Covid has made the middleground between here and my professional work increasingly difficult :( Can't wait to share soon tho
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    2. quentin galloway
      quentin galloway
      Stay safe out there and make out of it while you can.
      Aug 11, 2021
    3. BulbaWhat98
      I'm sorry to hear that. Stay safe out there
      Aug 12, 2021
  19. Shulkle
    Is water wet?
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    2. Dally
      That's debatable. Is the the liquid that's wet, or the surfaces it is on that is? :thonkBigBrain:
      Aug 6, 2021
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  20. DarenDevil
    rip team
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    2. Kayas
      it died as it lived. inactive
      Aug 6, 2021