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Maplemation Staff


Karasu joined Maplemation in 2011 for the “Maple,” and has since then congregated with individuals who joined for the “mation.” For the longest time, nobody knew he was a moderator because people rarely find this staff page. Now it is too late. He is the current owner of the “Maple” and the “mation.”


Aquila started animating Touhou sprites in late 2010 and enjoyed it. Upon joining her first animating community in early 2014 she quickly grasped Maple animating and came to love it. Before a year even passed she was accepted into the Animation Team Jury. She has a soft spot for animation synced to music.


CC began making videos in 2007 and has since found a passion for film making and Maple animating. He now majors in film production, directing various projects while continuing to be an active member of Maplemation. His strengths/hobbies mostly lie in film editing, voice acting, cinematography, and screenwriting.


A member since 2010, Dally strives to better himself in both design and relations with fellow members. Although sometimes doubts his own abilities, he believes in learning from his mistakes and hopes become a respected member of both skill and character.


iST has been an avid content creator and consumer of all things MapleStory multimedia since he joined Maplemation back in 2009. He’s currently pursuing a career in software development/cyber defense, and loves all things gaming, programming, live music, cartoons, rock climbing, and meeting new people. Be sure to say hi if you see him around the forums!


Neil, otherwise known as “Pizzaman,” is an animator that started back in 2012 after finding various MBRs on YouTube and grew to enjoy the community and its people. He now moderates the forums with extra cheese and a Pepsi on the side.


Kim started animating in 2007 and has since grown to appreciate the usage of Sony Vegas. She prefers MMVs to fight animations and strives to create work on the level of Klaziki and Ayros. Extroverted and cheerful, she'll be happy to talk to you if you'd like. She's currently pursuing a PhD in astronomy and also loves gaming, anime, figure skating, and cats. Ask her about Europa.


Shulkle's journey began in early 2016, the year he started animating and actively participating in the Maplemation forum and Discord server. It has been 2 years since, and his adventure still continues with a quest to hone his skills in addition to welcoming and assisting people as much as he can. All the while writing this description as if he was a JRPG protagonist. Now it's Shulkle time!


Noz is a non-player character who had participated within the Maple community since 2009. They used to be known on the youtube side of the community making maple animations in Sony Vegas. Now they're found in MM drawing, and occasionally animating on the side.


Warren bounced around from community to community animating sprites, sticks or whatever else came to him until he landed in Maplemation in 2011 and decided to stay. He's met several people in this community that have inspired him to better himself as a person and an animator and he hopes he can bring that same inspiration to other people. He wants to become a professional cartoonist and make his own show someday. He has a soft spot for Tokusatsu and Spider-Man. He also hates men of pizza.

News Team Leader

This spot is currently empty. Applications are accepted at any time!

Animation Team Leader

With MapleStory animations, he is mainly a fireworks animator and loves it. Beginning with Flash when he first joined in 2011, he quickly switched to Fireworks and began to gain more knowledge in animating and improved rapidly and is presently the Animation Team Leader. He also has a passion for music and performing.

Sprite Team Leader

This spot is currently empty. Applications are accepted at any time!

Design & Art Team Leader

Kenny joined Maplemation back in 2011, when he was still a green horn in the fields of spriting and art. He started with spriting but gradually transitioned into drawing and art. Wanting to contribute back to the community that helped him when he was still a newbie, he decided to apply for the art team in hopes of helping newer and experienced people alike with the knowledge that he has gained throughout the years. He also likes traps.

Comic Team Leader

Bluezemmi is a sprite comic artist who started creating comics in the Maplestory community around 2015. His reason being a member of the Comic Team is to revive and spread the joy of sprite comics like in the good old days. He also is a member of the Dark force.

Map Team Leader

This spot is currently empty. Applications are accepted at any time!

YouTube Director

Tyler has dug his hands into a multitude of maple media sites and loves seeing them go from something insubstantial to extremely relevant. Tyler also delves in some Fireworks and minimal amounts of most other media oriented programs. While he as a diverse pool of knowledge his capability to manage systems is what he values the most.

Website Host

Apart of the MapleStory community since it’s early days, Tyler has contributed to several fansites throughout the years as well as hosting Maplemation.


The founder of Maplemation. One of the “first gen” YouTube Maple animators, he’s generated quite the fan base. Originally from the Bannedstory Backgrounds forums, he decided to duo with Makani and they made Maplemation.


Co-founder of Maplemation. Another older animator, coming from Maplesim forums. Having teamed up with Tate to create Maplemation, he took care of just about all of the forum work, where as Tate moderated and kept it going. Also known as the “Wind Walker” through animations.


RumSwiller isn’t much of an animator, however he did create the original “MapleStory Headbop” video. Known mostly for forum moderation/coding work.