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Linux The Hedgecat VA, Female

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    Whew! Finally made it on!
    Welp, might as well introduce myself!

    Howdy there! Name's Linux...Or Jake...Or Jamie...I got too many names. XP

    There's a few tests I did. I'm still in the learning phase, so it'll be a while before I can make a full fight decently.

    Anyways, ONTO THE BIO!


    Bio: Linux never really knew his family. He was taken away when he was just a little child and experimented on so people can use his abilities for...things. Eventually the government found out and destroyed the laboratory. At the time, Linux was around 6 years old. He managed to escape before the government could take him away and ended up living on the streets. He had nothing except his clothes (now torn up and stained), 0.10¢, and himself. No one helped him or cared that he was homeless and alone. Though one day, there was a little homeless girl who was crying in an alleyway. She was bleeding from her left eye as she was being bullied by a gang of teenagers. He tried to defend the girl and shocked the gang...Literally shocked them. They were scared of his abilities and ran away. He sat down and tried to help the girl back to full, semi full health. He also tried to lift the girl's spirit up to make her happy. After that day, they grew up together for years until Linux was around 16 years old. He decided to travel the world that day in search of his real parents. The girl was sad that he had to leave, but didn't mind since he was searching for something he lost long ago. As a good luck charm, she gave Linux a cyan gem to hold onto that was passed down to her before she was abandoned by her parents. Linux thanked her and left to travel the world in search of his parents. He never knew what true power the gem held though and still doesn't know to this day...

    Linux is kind of one of those "social butterfly" yet "heroic" type. He is willing to help anyone in need while keeping a smile on his face...Unless someone decides to harm any of his friends and family members. Then he tries anything he can to protect his friends and family. Even if it means killing the enemy. But besides that, he likes to keep a positive mood by joking around, making puns here and there, and cheering up others when they feel down, hoping that his positivity will make someone's day better and maybe even their life better compared to what he went through.

    Powers: Ever since he was born, Linux has had a special kind of ability that lets him control the flow of electricity through his surroundings, making for great offense and defense as well. For offensively, he absorbs the lightning into his sword or fists to strike his enemies while trying to paralyze them. For defensively, he can make an electric shield around his body to paralyze foes that try to hit him physically. Any kind of blast can get through the shield though.

    Without electricity flowing through his veins, he's pretty much a glass window. While quick on his feet, he can be taken down easily if you hit him hard enough and get through his electrical attacks.

    Can move extremely fast which makes it hard for enemies to hit him and can use any machinery around the area that has electricity flowing inside of it to his advantage in combat.

    Mahisha (AKA Paralyzer)

    So that's pretty much it for now! I'll hopefully be posting much better animations in the future! =^-^=