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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Jul 4, 2017


    Win a battle with you having 98% of the votes or more
    Reason: Decimating some banned guy in an MBR.

  2. Awarded: Sep 24, 2015

    O' Lucky Day

    Get a point when your opponent forfeits your match
    Reason: ye

  3. Awarded: Sep 24, 2015

    On A Roll

    Win 3 matches in a row
    Reason: yeah

  4. Awarded: Sep 24, 2015


    Win 5 matches in a row
    Reason: yup

  5. Awarded: Mar 9, 2018

    Rolling Away

    Lose 3 matches in a row

  6. Awarded: Mar 9, 2018


    Win against you previously lost to

  7. Awarded: Jul 9, 2017

    Evenly Matched

    Tie in your match

  8. Awarded: Jul 9, 2017

    Perfect Attendance

    Hand in 5 MBRs on time

  9. Awarded: Jul 21, 2018

    Axis vs Allies

    Defeat someone who uses a different program than you

  10. Awarded: Jul 9, 2017


    Disband your faction/Leave your leader's faction