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  1. K-Leb
    Well there is the Hyper Gauge Team...the best of the best...but that's just me. I'm trying to be serious about it myself, just some basic skills I want to master :)
    May 3, 2016
    i do. if i make one, i take it seriously. what's the point of making animations if they're gonna be fugly?
    May 3, 2016
  3. Drew
    I do, very much. I plan to grow a strong YT channel, maybe get to a place in life like Hyperguage is at, and....... Just overall, it's enjoyable af to me, and i have NO plans to stop at ANY time in the forseeable future.
    May 3, 2016
  4. XKzIceX
    Seriously, my life hates me animating.
    May 3, 2016
  5. Nemao
    Yes i take it seriously beacause i got some dreams here i want to complet ^^ That why i'm asking private CnC etc to be better the most fast possible.
    May 3, 2016
  6. Bakari
    The concept of sprite animation, yes I do take that seriously.
    My sprite animations? Nope.
    May 3, 2016
  7. Ainn
    ScrewAttack and AnimationRewind do.
    May 3, 2016
  8. 天下無双
    I mean, there's actually somewhat of a market for that shit now. I'd say it should be taken more seriously than ever, now that there's actually somewhat legitimate paid work out there for it.
    May 3, 2016
  9. Innocent Bystander
    Innocent Bystander
    I'm so serious about Sprite animations that I don't make animations out of fear of insufficient skill.
    May 3, 2016
  10. Shulkle
    My answer is the same as KzIce
    May 3, 2016