100 Weapons Collab 2!

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    Are you too lazy to sprite something of your own?
    Cant find any one to make you a nice staff of your own?


    to preface this collaboration was first originally hosted by Seth and can be found in its original thread here
    the intent of the first, which is the intent for this one, was to bring spriters to mm, old and new, and come together to amass what ever amount of sprites we can complete before the due-date.
    I Strongly encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to join, new or experienced spriters, the more the merrier!
    Now, I can fully understand if you are feeling nervous about either joining or getting into spriting, feeling that you might be bad in comparison to others, but that's where everyone starts from and this collab is made to get those nervous ones to break through this state and to be open for help and cnc, to bring back life into MM's sprite section one more! just join the discord and await to be given you're role

    now like every other good and decent collaboration we must preface some rules, ovbiously.
    1) no NSFW stuff, this should be a basic known rule. as much as I'd love too, no meme weapons that fall under penis sword and vagina shield. kek.

    2) agreed canvas size is ... "debatable" so If you feel your sprite is too large or too small, ping me in the server. ill be the judge of such. but these are maple sprites and they will be relatively ... "average" in size. so i dont expect to see actual pixel art or minecraft/8-bit swords, they must be discernible from 100% zoom as most maple weapons should be

    3) I'll allow other styles of sprite to be used, you're not restricted to maple only, but please tell me first and show me an example so its not EXTREMELY drastic, even then I might make an exception to this rule.

    4) There will be an "Activity check" on a weekly basis and it works as follows
    A. There will be a chat channel in the discord called "activity check" and you will receive @everyone pings from it
    B. You must react to those messages with what ever emote you want, as long as you react you will remain in the "safe" role
    C. If you have under 4 sprites finished, then you will be given a minimal of 2 weeks to react to the activity checks or else you will be placed in the dead spriter role, which means you can no longer use any other channel except one where you can notify me that you are now active.
    D. If you have over 5 sprites then your deadline is increased to 4 weeks.
    E. You will be notified and placed in a "danger" role if you are half way into your check up deadline. at then i will personally dm you asking of your current status, please do tell me if you can no longer sprite until a certain date.
    5) Nothing premade, everything must be made during the collab.

    and if anyone is wondering, yes you can simply join and ask to watch the fun go down, you'll be given a spectator mode with as much access as the spriter safe role, but without the obligations :^D.

    now for a boring tidbit
    If you join and have read this post, you are fully aware and acknowledge that your sprite will be 100% public use as soon as this collab reaches its due date, there will be no privately made sprites or anything of the like, what you will make is for any and all who find it interesting enough to want to make their OC's own and there will be no exceptions to this rule.

    Oh yea, and due date is Next jan right on the first day of the new year!
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    Oh damn it's back.

    Won't be joining this time but I wish the participants to have fun and good luck.
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    Oh, we're doing another one? I'll take another crack at it.