2020 New Year Resolutions

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    It's a new year and we are officially in the dystopian society era all the sci-fi movies preach.

    For real tho, it's probably been a mild or rough year for a lot of us, I know...but we made it!
    Thank you for sticking around MM and continuing to do what you all do best - being part of a community that celebrates great artwork and sprite animation!

    I truly hope 2020 is something special for you, whether its personal goals or new collabs/events bringing people together again or just finding new happiness.

    If you have any 2019 milestones you're proud of or 2020 resolutions you'd like to share, feel free to comment below!
    Otherwise, here's an interesting video I think we can all relate to:

    I'll start first...or last if no one else decides to share :/

    My 2019 Highlights:
    • Moved into my own apartment
    • Survived carpal tunnel and overcame mild depression after a serious family emergency
    • Won a few professional awards, including 3 Clios for official movie trailers I've edited
    • Had the insane privilege to campaign for Avengers: Endgame, the biggest blockbuster ever
    • Punched a spider that landed in my salad last week
    2020 Resolutions. I'm starting small this time lol
    • Re-write Soldiers of Scania into a shorter, lower budget project...for the last time.
    • Update my professional editing reel with all latest projects both independent and major studio
    • Exercise for 30 minutes a day minimum for 4 days a week
    • Try or learn at least 2 new things (can hobbies, skills, or events)
    Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We in the 20's Round 2 y'all~
    Disclaimer: I don't smoke at all lmao
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    This was a pretty good year! Just a bit of hiccups along the way but we're moving forward into the future.

    - Started drawing
    Rest of my resolution failed :pensive: (though I'm not letting that hold me back!)

    - Get Gif Collab 3 out
    - Improve my drawing style so I can make more commissions.
    - Improve my social skill irl
    - Getting a job

    Cheers to another year to Maplemation and others!
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  3. Heki

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    2019 Highlights: Made 100 sprites in 100 days

    2020 Resolution: More sprites

    To a new year and a new decade
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    Somewhere in the Canadian wilderness
    I know I've been a little bit in and out with this community, but I still enjoy the content that comes from it greatly, so here I am.

    2019 Highlights (in no particular order)
    - Became a Moderator on the Terraria Discord
    - Met a number of my current closest friends (from the Terraria Discord Staff team)

    - Became familiar with, and fairly fluent in the art of spriting/pixel art
    - Kick started a number of smaller projects including a for fun game dev team, and a Terraria texturepack
    - Completely killed off depression from my mindset!
    - Tested, and became familiar with many art forms including digital art, animation, modelling, and video editing

    2020 Goals (again in no particular order)
    - Save as much money as possible in order to attend E3 and meet the Terraria Staff team in person, and a handful of my other friends
    - Get a fucking job
    - Make up my mind regarding college, and what I aim to pursue as a long term hobby/career
    - Get my fucking drivers license
    - Excercise a little more
    - Push myself to be a little more social irl, and find something I enjoy outside of the internet to get me out and around a bit
    volleyball perhaps? Could service well for some more exercise as well

    May the next decade bring more growth than you know what to do with!
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  5. Jaycie

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    Maplemation coup d'etat. CC already blended into the staff. Kayas AT leader. Taki off working in a tomato field. Karasu kidnapped.


    Happy new year <3
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  6. Kat

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    Jun 3, 2013
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    Time for some resolutions I see!

    Highlights of 2019:
    - Got my masters degree in pharmaceutical science
    - Moved into my own apartment
    - Started improving in digital drawing
    - Started exercising and got my diet in order, managed to lose some weight!
    - Love myself slightly more

    Goals of 2020:
    - Keep going with my lifestyle change of doing more exercise and eat properly.
    - Try to keep improving in drawing and finding my own drawing style
    - Get out of my shell and interact more with people irl

    Cheers, lads! Get your butts in gear and get that new year bread!!!
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  7. Rhys

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    A reflection is nice every now and then.

    2019 Highlights:
    - C:ool c:ollabs in c:orp
    - Drastic improvement in my pixel art
    - Experiences working in hospitals and health clinics
    - Accepted an internship at a hospital in Italy

    2020 Resolutions:
    - Continue what we’ve built in c:orp
    - Continue improving in pixel art
    - Meet Taki and try not to adultnab him when our vacation is over
    - More cutie packages for Taki

    I actually look forward to this new year. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
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  8. Shinn

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    Alright, 22 in 2020, let's go.

    2019 Highlights:
    - Finally got my fundamentals down in animating
    - Left the Amazon warehouse right before their Prime Week starts LMAO
    - and after that, went to Hawaii
    - Getting the hang of spriting

    2020 Resolutions:
    - Improving cinematics and flashy animations
    - Finish Sanzu Road
    - Join another animating collab
    - Improving sprite work
    and make pixelated titties properly, one day.
    - Getting a job/internship for game development.

    Happy 2016 5, y'all!
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  9. Innocent Bystander

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    Between active and lurking
    Twas a pretty good year, hope I've failed enough to improve from here on.

    2019 Highlights:
    - Started attending 4 year school with transfer credits, graduating in 2021 if all goes well. Didn't fail classes as bad as before.
    - Smoked weed for the first time despite growing up in California most my life. It was okay, probably not gonna make a habit out of it.
    - Went on a week-long cruise toward west Mexico two weeks ago. It was nice, especially all the food.
    - Participated in the some C:orp events and the second Last Spriters Standing event, did pretty well until the cruise took away my internet.

    2020 Resolutions:
    - Shed the weight from the cruise and then some
    - Be more sociable irl
    - Write out and/or animate a cohesive story of my characters
    - Better schedule my activities to prioritize studies while leaving time for hobbies without spending too much time on entertainment
    - Organize and increase my porn collection to combat frequent website deletion (I've done well with this so far so I have high hopes with this particular activity)
    - Make it through all of Last Spriters Standing 3

    Chances are if I say I'll do something, I'll end up doing something else while telling myself I'll do what I said I would later, but by then that later is too late. So hopefully by announcing promises in this thread I'll actually keep more of them.

    Here's to an eventful new year and new decade to all in the positive sense. *imaginary glass clink*
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