8/12 - About Closed MBR Profiles.

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    I've gotten quite the number of messages about reopening and cleaning these, so I'm just going to make this clear to everyone.

    The reason MBR profiles were closed is because the new forum software upgrade resulted in MBR points being integrated into the MM points system. There were far too many MBR Profiles I would have to go through individually to calculate the number of wins and the number of items purchased from the MBR shop (when it existed).

    Some MBR divisions such as Comic and Art had far less people than others which would've been easier to distribute MM points to in exchange for MBR points, but it wouldn't be fair to give these people something that others from a larger scale division deserve as well.

    There was a refined awards/achievement system introduced to the forum as well which also applies to the reason above.

    So please, at least try to show some consideration for my well being before giving me a fucking nasty attitude just because I'm saving myself the trouble of doing the most inhumane work possible to man. I'd love to compensate everyone for that forum software upgrade, but there's no way I'm capable of putting in that much work consistently, alone.

    Thanks for reading.

    If you have any further inquiries please post them below.
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