A Knight's Oath

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    A Knight's Oath

    I had always dreamed of becoming much more. Seeing the world beyond buildings was my wish when I was young. Promising myself that I would become something great one day and always be kind to others, I set off into the world with a colorful view of the world. Years passed, and the colors slowly faded along with my passions. The world was revealed to me in a way that I never expected. Things weren't as happy as it was like in fiction and lore, people weren't as trustful as you would think. An enemy is not capable of betraying you for loved ones are the ones that hurt us the most. Why is there a need for fighting and war? Why? I question life's many struggles with no answer and it seems a cycle which I cannot pull myself out of has started to take form. Is this my "reality" that I was so eager to jump forth into with a bound? Promising to protect others is hard when those same people can hurt you. Smiling after it all is even harder. To give your enemy a warm bed and hospitality when they have wronged you is a very humble positioning of one's self and I do agree I miss that aspect in people. Forgiveness and understanding. Have we become too engaged with our being of self that we forget the little things like the joy a smile brings to someone? I see my purpose clear now. It's something I've always wanted to do, just to simply make others happy and bring joy in their lives where there is little. I swore by my past self and I swear by this code now. It is my knight's code so to speak, my knights oath...