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    I've noticed throughout the things I've done here on MM have been... lacking. I've been slacking on my animations and that's something I cannot sit with. I want to improve, I want to stand out like the others. To do this I need to be more committed. I need to acknowledge this as more than a "Hobby". Creating animations was the spark of a new light for me. I took the time to learn the basics. And seeing the years of experience my peers around me have, I need to do my part as well. Whenever I want to animate, things always turn out wrong. Movement is choppy, transitions are confusing, and creating sprites for it takes most of my time. If I were to include my personal life into all this, it makes me outrageously lazy. I want to be more than a Kid who can use Flash. I want to be a Proud Entertainer of High-Quality Videos. When the summer ends, I know that my time will be mostly occupied. Until then and afterwards, I want to learn, evolve, and become the Animator I want to be. This is my promise to Maplemation, that I'll improve until I can meet your expectations.
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    Good luck! Looking forward to see your animations. :) The more you create, the more you'll learn from your experience, so keep on creating! Don't fret too much over trying to make your next animation the best -- just have fun and improve from the last animation you did~
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    It's great to have the passion to what you're trying to do. Really. Although, I think it may be a good idea to put a limit to said passion. Sometimes, it can just be a bit hard to look at.
    Like here, you really don't need need to meet anyone's expectations. We're all, or most of us anyway, are around here animating what we want. Of course, we'll help with criticism as long as it's taken and utilized within future animations. In the end, I think that you're your own judge on how far you want to animate. Animate not to prove anything, but to feel proud of it. There's nothing to prove, because in the end if it doesn't go well at all, you'll just disappoint others.
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