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    Name: Abomi

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    + Great fundamentals

    + Camera work emphasises what is going on screen without losing track of the action

    + Choreography is nice, with some standout pieces of action

    + Pacing is rarely interrupted, which keeps the action flowing

    + Sense of space is consistent thanks to you making map in AE

    + Understanding of physics is good too, everything has the right build up, anticipation and pay off

    + Ambience is great in the SpriterZ part, really felt like a hazy desert in the sunset due to lighting and weather effects. This makes it feel like it should take place in a desert or plains area

    + There was some dynamic standout moments like when your character flew into the sky and did a lightning strike

    + Some nice background interaction and destruction

    - Fluidity is poor, a lot of stuff are more choppy than it has to be. Frame extensions are fine, but on everything, especially the more snappy movements are taken away from this

    - Perspectives were ok but the map designs aren't good - a lot of it are flat 2d textures and pretty clear rocks. It doesn't look like a believable desert or anything

    - Sound design was pretty poor. It peaks a lot and sounds way too bit crushed

    - Post-production was way too overdone. The bloom and saturation really took away from your animations

    You have a really great footing on the fundamentals but your execution on the more complex techniques falls flat. I can tell you have a style going on, but the overdone post-production, sound design and lack of fluidity take away from it all. I'd also like to see some more ventures into other techniques to bring out the best in your animations and hopefully fix some of the issues regarding fluidity such as rigging or custom spriting. Having maps that don't look like boxed off textures with some random set pieces, and instead, opting for something more immersive will also bring the best of what your animations have to offer. With all that being said you are:

    Platinum | 161
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    you went stupid on these