An Old Story From Grandma | Hanstone - Mabinogi

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    The Return of Amusing Music

    You may remember me from two years ago. Since then I've been going to university for computer science.
    ...But that's not who I am. I'm a musician...
    And I'm going to stay that way.

    So, I'm back to crafting music and I'll soon be applying for my university's music department.
    Wish me luck and thanks for your support. More music should be coming in the future.

    An Excerpt From
    "An Old Tale From Grandma"
    Hanstone - Mabinogi

    This was inspired by an improvisation of the same piece that I did two years ago; from the same batch of music that ended up on this site and getting me started. The original improvisation only had piano, violin, and voice. I had always wanted to recreate it without its imperfections but I didn't think I was going to add the full string orchestra to it.
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    omg I LOVE Mabinogi!!! It's so cool that you did this!!! :D It sounds gorgeous, though I think it would be neat for you to add more of your own touches to it. Right now it seems more like a cover.
    I really like the usage of some vocals/chorus. It reminds me of the Eternal Choir variant of this song, which is my favorite!

    I hope to see more work from you! Welcome back to the forums :D