Andrew's Introduction (2018) "I have return? + Apologize"

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    it's your boi; that cringy dude.

    Okay all in serious, for all who heard/knows of me then you've already known who I am.
    If not or you're a new person, then let me explain.

    I am a rookie animator who has joined this community around 2013, I was inspired by Mali, Chris, Jack, you know the basic and wanted to be like them, I started my animation by using movie maker and paint, until a group of people told me that it is recommended to use a program names "flash" so my first flash was Flash 8, after it CS3, then it was Flash CC and as for right now I'm using the Flash CS6.

    I have mix feeling when I first join into this group, I had a lot of friend and supportive people who have given me tip and resource that I need to get started on animation, and I had a lot of people who were...aggressive on their CNCs and that was the reason why I left

    I have dealt with numerous of people who either harass me because of the way I acted (which I acted like a child) and I acted when people CNC my poorly made animation, after awhile a few of my friends started to leave the community or just me in general because of some real-life stuff that stopped them from interacting with me and other people, and there are people who harass me or block me because of how I acted.

    So I left the community with everything that I learned from them and move on into somewhere else, that when I join the Sonic spriters community. As I join that community, I was having fun when it comes to meeting other people who also like sonic and animations in a whole, not the mention that I've met a lot of new people as well.

    But as times come and I have grown mature, I've realized that the sonic community wasn't any different than this community, it still have people who will harass/insult you either on the animation you made or just how I interact with people, but at the same times I didn't feel mad, I didn't act immaturely and nobody has called me out before unless it like a troll.

    But I didn't care because I was having fun, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss my old friends, but that changes when Blez message me and wanted me to join into her discord server, there I was able to meet a lot of people and old friends that have gone because of some real-life actions, Blez and other people have told me to get back, but I didn't because I was scared that the same thing will happen again. The harassment, the insult, I was scared that I would be a punching bag again.

    But after seeing Blez animate again, and seeing other people animate as well, I have mix feeling and have been thinking alot...until I decided that I will return.

    But in order for me to return to this community fresh, I need to say something.
    (FYI This apologize will not be hate or a callout, this will be only to apologize to all of the people who have to deal with my childish ass. If you only wanted to know who I am, please don't read the bottom. And PLEASE don't harass/witchhunt any of the people that I'm apologizing, all of this was due to my action as a teenager and now that I realize my mistake, I only wish for a 2nd chance)​

    To Blez: I understand that why do I have to apologize when you and I have interacted before, but I need to get this out of my chest. Blez you have always been a great friend to me, you have always helped me from my issues and you always supportive to me. And after our last interaction; I remember that when you stated that my sprites suck, I know that I was gonna break and I know that I was gonna leave MapleMation without a trace, so I wanted to go out with a bang. Me and someone else MBR you and Danderp wherein the reality, I know that this will be my last MapleMation animation because of what you said.
    and once I posted my animation, and you posted it on the MBR Arena, I didn't even check it because I KNOW that I lost and leave and went to the Sonic community.
    After you add me to your new group and interact with me, I missed you. even though that you were one of the reasons why I left maplemation, and I shouldn't let you think or feel like that. You even helped me how to handle my sister and help me what I should do.​
    You continued to help me...while I thought that you were a bad guy where in the reality, you were being you.

    All I can say at this point is... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I've been treating you like shit without letting you REALIZE that I thought that you were the bad guy, where I'm in the one who is the blame, I was acting childish, while you were acting like Blez, a normal person who has her own personality, while me...I was trying to be someone that I'm not.​
    And I know that you've already forgiven me and all, but I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry and I will mature myself so I will never hate you like a coward again.

    To Peace: Peace I know that you and I haven't interacted with you for a LONG time, but if you reading this, please understand what I'm trying to say.
    I'm sorry for being annoying to you. I know that you blocked me because I have asked you too many favors. many questions and overall too many requests, I took advantage of you because I know that I would NEVER get to your level, and when you block me, I got hurt.
    You were my first ever friend on maplemation and the internet overall, You and I have so much in common to the point of even calling you a brother (I know, Cringy) but when you block me, I blamed you of your action, I thought that you block me because you don't wanna be around a guy like me, I thought that you hated me because my animation looks like a child made it and I haven't made any progress. I blamed you...even though that I was the one who annoyed you.​
    I may don't know what made you get to the point to block me, but I blame you solely because it was my fault.
    You can don't understand of what I'm sorry, but at least understand that at the end of the day is that I'm sorry for annoying you, and I'm sorry overall for being a bad friend.

    To Danderp: I may don't know that if you're active or you quit maplemation, but I at least want to do this so someday you'll see this.
    I know that once again, I stop interact with you because of stuff that didn't even involve you, you were a team player and I was always jealous of your animations, I know that this doesn't seem many details as Blez and Peace, but you mostly didn't do anything and I ignore you like some sort of Diseases. I never want that and I never should've acted like that.​
    So again, I'm sorry that I treated you like a jerk where you just wanted to befriended just like me. I'm really sorry that if I ever treated you like that in any way, and I only hope that you understand what I'm saying.

    To Everyone: I understand that if I ever wanted to be forgiven I need to earn that, and I completely understand, but I only wanted to get this out of my chest so people can understand that back on 2013+ I was an immature child, I was disrespecting everyone, I was lazy and I took people that have personal issues that have to quit their MBR with me as a win.
    I, of course only care about me more than anyone, and now I regret that. The only thing that I'm asking here is a second chance.​
    I will do my best to improve as a human/man and as an animator, but I know that I can't do it by myself.
    If you still don't give me a 2nd chance, I completely understand.

    Overall, I can say at this point is... I'm sorry of what I said and done in the past, and I promise that the same mistake will never happened again.
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    You never even treated me like a jerk. I only stopped talking to you because I basically stopped existing as a whole both on the forum
    and on the internet as a whole. You never really did anything to upset me so your apology is unnecessary but accepted regardless.
    You've been gone for a long time. The only people who haven't forgiven/ forgotten you are people who hold grudges,
    and those who hold grudges are usually quite immature so don't worry about all that. I'm almost certain that no one thought
    'Yo, frick that one dude who's name I still can't pronounce because it's practically gibberish. That dude sucks.' since you've left.

    Cool seeing that you've matured though.
    Everyone does with time. It just be like that.
    Welcome back.

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    what's with this apology for bro? there's nothing for you to worry about :)
    shut up and come back already!
    importantly, I want you to have fun animating. if you have to stop, just stop.

    also, i constantly joke about you all the time. im sorry about that.

    we love you. hope you're doing well now!
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    Maaaaan when did I block you? There is legit nothing stopping your from pming my Discord rn. I mean yeah, dont get me wrong I blocked you on skype (which was FOREVER ago) for pm spam, but beyond that, nah, my pms on discord have been open to ya my dude lol. I dont hate you in the slightest, I think of you more of that random guy that I see pop up ever so often at reunion events. If ya wana talk or whatever, be my guest.
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    I've been somewhat of an embodiment of poor behavior, and I manage to stick around. As someone who has been perma-banned from the Discord all this time, I can say first-hand that if you forget it and move on, most people will slowly forget or overlook it. Chances are if you stay in a community long enough, the only remaining people with beef become inactive/irrelevant anyway.

    Take this second chance and run with it.
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