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    Animation Team Guidelines

    Want to become part of the team and become a role model to other animators?

    If you are skilled at animation (hand-drawn, 3D, sprite and/or any other specific domain), this is your team.


    • You must be an active member
    • You must be fairly skilled and experienced. You don't have to be a master, that's kind of why the team is here, but we don't take people who started today, for instance
    • You must be able to provide insightful critique and advice. The more technical knowledge you have, the better
    • You must be a good role model to others, encouraging good workflow, dedication, etc. when you see it
    1. What is your best work? Post as many animations as you need.
    2. Why do you want this position?
    3. What makes you worthy to be in this position?
    4. What are your goals in this team?
    5. Do you have anything else to add?
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