Animator Heaven Fever

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    Animator Heaven Fever

    In this collab, we reanimate Rhythm Heaven Fever's Remix 10.
    Notes: This collab is synced.
    1. You need to have Discord, because you know, all the organization is going through Discord! (You probably guessed that though).
    2. Remember to show the hosts your animation style in #register if you are new and we dont know how good of an animator you are.
    3. Make sure to look at #parts-taken when choosing which part you want to animate after you get the a-ok by the hosts, since that gives you an idea on the parts taken. If a part is taken you could ask to co animate with the person who took it and if they want to do that, then they have to inform me of this so I can adjust the message.
    4. When you are done with your part, if you have a fan character and I don't already have it, DM it to me so I can add you into the credits.
    5. When finished, send me an mp4 or a swf of your finished animation minus the music in the background. I'll be editing the videos myself using only one music track rather than multiple for the sake of consistency.
    6. In your part, make sure you put your watermark where the game would put an identifier on who the player is.
    7. Please only pick up to 2 parts, unless the collab needs people to take on more than 2 parts.

    This thread will be updated.
    Keep your rhythm up!
    - Kokorz
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