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    Hi! I did a “homemade” evaluation research about the past action collaboration! This was madein hope to help collaboration hosts to improve future action collaboration. Overall, too few people answered the survey to be able to draw conclusion from the data. Also, I’m especially good in this kind of stuff and I noticed a lot of mistakes after hand. That’s why I’ve been hesitating to publish this. Even though it’s not very reliable, I think people can still use this as reference material so I’m publishing it anyway.

    Apologies to people who’ve been waiting for this, and apologies for all the misses! Hope this helps anyone.

    Long text af! Download and read!

    P.S. Use these as reference material, not facts.

    Edit: The following is the Conclusions of the articlie. Posting it here for tl;dr. Please read the whole article for graphs and discussions.


    The amount of answered surveys is insufficient to make much solid conclusions, but we can still use the gathered data as reference. The conclusions and data in this study could be used by future collaboration host as reference material only and not as facts.

    There is some variation but most of the answered subjects find action collaborations in general entertaining to watch. The kind of action collaboration that participants would mostly want to see/participate in are collaborations with interesting and original base concept that are different from the past collaborations.

    Future action collaborations should put more weight on interesting and original base concept that are different from the past collaborations. This category resembles 50% of the total collected answers.

    What seen as most lacking in entries are style originality and the will to experiment. Entries should put more weight on being creative and put more effort in their parts. More teamwork and further planning of the transitions between entries should be laid out before starting the animation process.

    The top three reasons that participants that joined the studied collaborations are: (1) Participants joined the collaboration because of the high reputation the collaboration possess, mostly because the collaboration are a sequel of another collaboration. (2) Participants joined a collaboration due to they have friends who participates as well. (3) Some people were asked by the host or other participants to join.

    Out of the collected results, it could be seen that the number of applied participants are almost double of the number of recruited participants.

    From what could be seen in this study, majority of the subjects finds that the past collaborations did live up to what they expect it to be. It could also be concluded that the participant’s expectations lie in the qualities of the entries since this is what most subjects used to express their opinion of the question.

    The result regarding the working time that participants spent on their entries are extremely vague and varied. The data are put into Figure Q.9 where hosts can use to estimate the time that a participant may need to finish their part. In general, if the time is spent productively, collaborations do not need more than half a year to finish. It should be put into consideration that these data are based on entries from past collaboration and the working time resemble the effort and quality of the past collaborations.

    Aside from participant’s lack of individual ability to animate, which is a factor that goes back in time, not spending enough time to be productive is the major factor that participants couldn’t make their entries better.
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    Read it through, and I have to say good job.
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    Welp, you know I'm a sucker for this kind of things as well and that I like to speak my mind... As a current collab host and co-host for three collabs I can get various perspectives, for me, the information you've provided is suprisingly accurate to what I'm experiancing right now; I will go into a bit of detail for each one of them. No throwing of shade intended.


    1. What I'm seeing in this graph is that for the newer collaborations (MJC and HSBC) is that the amount of recruited participants is slightly lower than the people who applied, the contrary of what was happening in the older collabs as you mentioned it; of course, there were many who didn't take the survey but, these are the results; For MWC3, the skype group was already created with like twelve members, of which only like four stayed, and from those four, only one has finished his part so far... this tells me that smash collabs are not as popular as they used to be, despite being a third installment for the collab and it was announced almost a year ago if I recall correctly.


    2. At the start, we wanted to set the bar really high, we wanted to surpass HSBC and that was the main reason of why the management was really strict, this drove many participants to abandon the collab and to many extensions. To me, this means that if you want to make an amazing project such as HSBC3 you have to be mentaly prepared that it is going to take more than two years and if you don't know what could happen to you, your life or your country between these years you should tone it down. I know I can't do collabs like this, much less if It's a fight animation.

    RIP orin lol, but my part for smash wall 3 is my own favorite bash animation.


    3. Our participants are currently in between one and twelve months aproximately.

    1. It's the same as MWC3, since It's a newer collab It's going to get pretty "exclusive" however, we had decided it was going to be like that from the start.


    2. As seen in figure Q2, It is an original, creative, high quality, story based, best transition-ed collab idea, so yeah, more than one year seems right.

    1. I only invited one person, but he couldn't make it so It's almost 100% participants who applied. With this idea, animators with almost any skill level could join... so I guess this is the only new collab who differs from the data but, It's also a different context.


    2. Some of my participants submitted their part in less than one week, heck one of them event sent it like sixteen hours later from the moment he was accepted, and some of them are still animating at this moment, on average I would say they have from one to sixteen weeks.

    My suggestions for future hosts and participants:

    1. Invite participants but, if your idea is original and almost any animator can join then don't worry too much about it because they will come.

    2. Help your participants in any way you can, now It's not the time to be strict.

    3. If you want to make an epic collab, get ready because It's going to take more than two years of your life.

    4. Know your limits.

    5. Join collabs because It's fun, not because of "reputation".

    6. Ask help from your host, both of us want to get this collab done.

    Gud shit jaycie i love u bby