Artsy Book ~Part 1~

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    I have had more time on my hands now than I will be in 6 days from now.

    Time to make the most of this.

    I decided to share with you guys some of my collections of drawings I doodle in my notebook (which I am almost completely done with, so raggedy from months of wear-and-tear) !

    Why does my title say that I'm only posting a part 1 ? I have real-life-crises to deal with and so I will make each thread of mine short and sweet.

    And when I start my new notebook of drawings, I might just name those parts differently.


    Picture #1 : My OC / persona, Ginger. ( )

    Picture #2 : A female character for practice, not an OC. Just for fun. ( )

    Picture #3 : Anime eye practices. With pen. Took me an hour to complete them all. ( )

    Picture #4 : Another OC of mine named Cherin. Have yet to involve her in more of my drawings like Gin. ( )


    That's just about all.

    I really hope to improve over time. And that photo quality, though....

    We'll fix that when I can find cords to my scanner somewhere in the abyss of my room.

    Now Ginger is tired.

    Ginger goes to sleep now.