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    Hey aiusadgvshd

    Silver | 85

    MBR Demo

    this ones kinda LQ so sry

    Availability: When I tell you I have free time >:I

    Season Record (Season 1): N/A
    End of Season Rank-Points: N/A
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    + your choreography is pretty fine, you just need to work on expanding it, because it just cuts off

    + your fluidity is alright, you have snappy hits when necessary and things don't look too janky

    + your camera work isn't too erratic and generally is fine

    + your pacing is good when it's fast but this gets dragged down...

    - while your pacing is good, you have these slow periods and inconsistencies like with the wind's arm (To get a close up like that on his arm you’d also have to zoom in on the background too but, you just left it the same: and )
    (Example of a slow period would be around 17 seconds. There’s just a whole second of Wind just standing there in place, doing nothing. With an animation this small, every second counts.)

    - your camera work while not erratic is too zoomed out some times

    - your physics are a bit weird, your characters seem to drag themselves across when jumping or moving - as if the air is sticky and thick
    (Example of dragging when jumping or moving through the air would be around 11 or 12 seconds. You should try and keep your physics consistent. While your character is kicking, it seems like he’s just floating or drifting through some viscous substance as opposed to jumping into the air and moving through it. It isn’t smooth.)

    - your sound design is a little bland, and at one point in the Maple Limitless animation, your character grabbed that girl and there was no sound at all for some reason.

    - your presentation kind of goes from meh to bad - with seeing the canvas at the end of the first animation ( ) to poor post production in the second animation ( ), with the overblurring and lack of poses.

    While you're getting there with your fundamentals, you don't have the bases covered completely. You need to refine your fundamentals such as your understanding of physics and just clean things up a bit. The biggest issues lie in you not doing much in your animations, they end before you can really show your stuff and leave a lot to be desired, this is double for your second animation, which seemed more like a joke animation upon rewatching, but it's still something you put as your demo that you wanted to represent your rank. This did bring you down but not significantly. I feel if you really made more longer and ambitious animations, you can have a chance to really work those fundamentals in and that will definitely result in a lot of improvement.

    With this in mind your rank is Silver | 85
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