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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Karasu, Aug 18, 2017.

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    A collab project about a base and breaking out of it.
    Requested by the Maplemation Project Team to post this thread on their behalf.
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    Thanks for posting this on the showcase section!

    "i regret rushing my part, and this collab was worth the 8 month wait"

    Now to give some more context of what's behind this collab we had this:

    Our goal was to come up with an idea for a collab that was fun to do, new and feasible within 4 months, now I started this collab at the wrong time which led to us missing the first deadline, the second one was in january 23 and we had everything ready except the boss fights which took another 8 months but damn they're good... If anyone wants to host a collab or just drop ideas you can do it here:

    What I think about the collab is that the pacing was pretty good for the most part, there was a common theme, everyone's part was in the same "place" and that we had a mix of new and experienced animators simultaneously, In my opinion everyone did an amazing job, my favorite part is Aran's I just love how he used all of his character's power to do something different and the rigs oh jeez, then it would be Tracey's for the same reasons .

    My favorite fight would be Alex's, I feel so much respect for this guy you don't even know... advanced flash animators consider this: your task is to animate a 2000 - 4000 px tall sprite with 8 movable parts, you're over the deadline, you are asked to show progress every month, you are not fluent in english and education is REALLY REALLY important in your culture no- the entire country; there are very few active maple animators who are able to make 2 to 3 minute fight animations and I'm very thankful he joined this collab.

    I noticed there's this fallacy going around about how I make "good 3D", the truth is I've never done any 3D in maple animations.

    This is what you saw:

    This is what I did, and so far I've only used after effects for maple animations three times.

    Get it? It's an illusion, I just aligned the same object with different sizes and shades to make the illusion of depth, which is enhanced by the camera in after effects.

    And pretty much all of my "3D" are tricks like things like that, if you are the person who belived I did 3D, y'all were bamboozled all this time; Jaycie does 3D, Vash does 3D, not me ;)
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    Well done guys!! :D!

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    California, US
    Outstanding collab. It really is impressive how far everyone's come, even without Mali, Zack, Derek, or some of the other OGs around (seriously, I remember seeing the early animations of some of these people and I can't even recognize beginning styles anymore xD). Not only that, but the whole idea of this project is unique - far different from past collabs which involved bashing the shit out of one enemy lol. When I first heard of the idea, I was a bit doubtful given how repetitive an obstacle escape course could be, but you all really brought distinctive elements to the table. Nicely done :D

    And great work putting this together @Juan. I hope this acts as an inspiring step in gettting the community to become more pro-active again.