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    Game Development Thread/Help

    I won't be sharing a lot of information about the game here. Only to those that are TRUTHFULLY interested and willing to put time and effort into helping complete it.

    Hi :3
    I'm Vash. Some of you may or may not know me, but that is not important. I am here today in hopes of finding some help for a game i'm currently developing alone. I've been slowly working on this game and I just thought it was time I added more effort into getting it complete.

    What am I looking for?
    So here I am, looking to hopefully [if possible] hire one of you! Now I say hire, and trust me, if you have the skills and I need to I will pay you. However what I am looking for is an artist that is willing to join me in my team for the long run. I spend my personal time on creating this project because I believe in what it will potentially become. So i'm pretty much looking for another artist to help me lessen my work load.

    Can skin/Paint textures and weights on 3D models.
    Understands Shaders
    Has worked on a 3D program [Maya is not a requirement but thats what I use]

    Character 3D modeler
    Concept Artist

    Don't have the requirements?
    Interested in learning and giving this all a try? Don't be discouraged and still contact me. I can do my best to help you learn if you are willing to help out with this project.

    What is this Project?
    This is a big scaled 3D fighter [art style will resemble a 2D fighter with 3D environmental maps] that will be for Steam. Its not your basic fighting game. Trust me when I say this game isn't about how big of a combo you can do but instead about how you can strategically maneuver your character to land 1 hit. Thats it. 1 hit.

    Cool...Can we at least see something?
    Of course.
    Meet - Ralph Barkly
    Concept -
    Low Poly [no textures and basic lambert shader] -
    Ralph Barkly Shader Test -

    None of this is final. I am still currently fixing A LOT of things on the low poly model as well as the shaders.
    This is all testing purposes and i'm trying to get the look of the game started.
    I'm doing my best to keep my game Idea completely in the dark until I have something worth really showing.
    Now...if you are interested in hearing more information or joining. Then go ahead and contact me either through PM
    here or Discord. Also I have email.

    Contact Information:
    When you contact me, please attach past work you feel would help show me your skills in what ever art form you wish to show me.

    Email - [email protected]
    Discord - I'm on the Maplemation Discord group you can find me there [easiest way to reach me]

    The current Team!
    Vash - Does all art related work including [3D models, environments, textures, shaders, rigging, animating ect. almost EVERYTHING]
    RobAlex - Coder
    MAYBE YOU??!? - Help with art related work

    If this doesn't really go anywhere with people interested. I will be using this thread as an update thread and place where I can keep people posted and organize the game development stage.
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    I wouldn't mind helping here, Maybe I could be a coder or a concept artist?
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    Ralph is such a cute puppers! You have my support all the way, Vashie! Looking forward to the updates in the game, I can't wait to get it when it comes out on Steam and be like "OH I KNOW THE GUY WHO MADE THIS GAME" :DD
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