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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (left: Jordan. Right: Demon form of Jordan.)
    jordan is just a fun loving dude, calm under pressure until he loses it, where he becomes a threat to everyone, even himself.

    Personality: a slightly comical but also wise pal, and will do his best to make friends of any situation, helping out most people in need no matter how dire the situation is. can be calm and collective most of the time, but he has so much rage built up into him that it manifested first into voices in his head, then transformed to 4 demon forms he can use. only 1 is known by others, and he can control 2 of them in total. they will injure him and drain him after a while, so he prefers to use them only when necessary. he may be quite clingy most of the time, but he always worries about his pals, and loves stuffed animals and sushi.

    Fighting Style and Magic: his fighting style mostly consists of defence, retaliating after striking him, taking hits due to his high pain tolerance, wind magic in his normal form, fire magic in his demon form, and lighting in one of his other forms. his specialty is copy magic and can mirror a lot of moves, but is still limited by all of that. he may be able to mimic or mirror others moves, but it takes Weeks of practice to do their move perfectly. and with their magic, the power behind it kind of sucks, so he has to incorporate it into his own magic, and its more of a one time use thing. no doing it rapidly. trained to assassinate and to gather info on enemies, so he may have info on you when we battle, and will do his best. his punch's are quick, but only really do damage if he combos with it. his legs are his most powerful and he can toss around a lot of enemies. though he does have a limit with that too. too large of an enemy and he leaves himself open when trying to toss you.

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    Unfortunately these demos aren't enough for us to give you a good enough review/rank.
    Pracitce some more, and then make another profile when you have enough.
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