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Bluezemmi Comic Profile

Discussion in 'Comic Profiles' started by bluezemmi, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. bluezemmi

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    The country below sea level
    MBR Comic Profile:

    My Oc's:
    Name: Jeffrey Adams
    Age: 22
    Birthday: May 15th

    Personality: Friendly, Random, Gets provoked easily, Gets serious when you actually need to be serious, Chitchatter

    Likes: DA GIRLZ, Sculpturing, Snowboarding

    Dislikes: Fire, Fire, Fire!

    Powers: Glitter Ice: (Combination of manipulating ice and stuns)
    Glitter Ice gets taken down easily when it is near fire or light.

    Scythe Master: Mastered the ability to wield a scythe.
    Has his own Scythe 'GLICE-Scythe'
    With that scythe he can actually enchance his ice powers into the scythe.
    The power of using the scythe gets 73% stronger.

    Weaknesses: Fire, Long melee weapons, Surprise attacks.

    Extra Info: When he enchances his ice powers into the scythe his eyes turn white.
    It is because most of his ice powers are sucked up in his scythe.

    Backstory: at the age of 18 Jeffrey was disowned by his family because of his lack of usage of his powers. Because of that he had to find a new place to stay and met Sirene.
    They both met at an alleyway and became great friends. A year had passed and he met an asassin (Luciana) that tried to kill him. After she got a beating by Jeffrey, he suddenly wanted to become friends with her and Luciana didn't want to be friends. But after a while Luciana trusted Jeffrey and became friends with eachother.
    The three then lived happy with eachother.
    But then everything changed when the three of them got a bounty because they were framed of killing three important people.
    Sirene got killed in the action and Jeffrey and Luciana fled faraway from their original home.


    Battle Record:

    Status: Unavailable

    VS Vegito: http://maplemation.com/forum/topic/27692-vegitovsbluezemmi/ WON

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    Looks like I got a new playmate, huh?
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