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    Tell us a bit about yourself

    My name is Bluezemmi and I’d like to apply for a spot in the Comic team.

    Since 2012 I started making sprite comics on a site called where I met some great people who taught me about how to make sprite comics and made some friends who later on convinced me to join them make Maplestory comics. I’ve been active on Maplemation around 2015 till mid-2016 and fell in love with the Maplestory sprites. Rigging body parts and using the sprites feels more satisfying than any other sprites I've ever used.
    Sadly I took a break because of my severe lack in motivation. My comic friend group also fell apart and each member went their own separate ways.

    Now I am back on Maplemation with a mountain full of motivation.

    What are you plans for the Comic team?

    Coming back to Maplemation I started making a maple comic series late 2017. I met new and old friends on the Discord server and noticed few of them wanted to try to make a comic themselves. Problem is, the tutorials are lacking and outdated compared to the new things you can use and do for your comics. I want to revive the comic section by creating beginner friendly tutorials so people can finally try creating their own sprite comics and expand the comic community.

    When there are more people in the comic team, I’d like collab with them together to make an ongoing ‘Authors comic’. That is where a group of comic creators together make a comic without a script planned and can update whenever they want. It could be about a group of people having an endless adventure or about a group of people enjoying their daily lives in a mansion with stupid jokes and mini plots. That way making comics is going to be fun creating together as a group.

    Convince us with your work.

    These are my recent works I created.

    Do you have anything else to add?

    Comics are coming back in 2018.
    Mark my words.

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    I voted for Give this man the Comic Team Leader spot for a reason diggity-dawg.
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