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    Name: BrannyMannyBee
    Rank: TBD
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    Character biographies (Optional):

    From left to right (Will be adjusted at a later date)-
    Full name: Steven Prince
    Age: 22
    Bio: Steven Prince, the de facto leader, is called on whenever any of the others are in trouble or for general repairs, such as for Marvin’s equipment, and is the person trusted for any necessary tactics or advice. While he doesn’t have any special powers of his own, he’s the most rounded fighter, able to fight up close or from a reasonable distance with a bow and arrow. Although he is a great tactician, a lack of any special abilities means he can be very easily be overpowered when fighting more powerful enemies, but that won’t stop him from using everything at his disposal.
    Full name: Luther Hathaway
    Age: 20
    Bio: A childhood friend of Stevie, Luther Hathaway discovered his ability to create portals since age 13, and has been on Frank’s radar ever since. Since training these abilities as well as learning how to defend himself through hand-to-hand combat, he’s become the close combat specialist of the group, and over the years he has learned to fuse his skills and his powers to add an element of unpredictability to his fighting style. However, one predictable aspect of his powers is that he can’t hold any portals for more than two seconds, so if they aren’t opened with very precise timing, he could find himself scrambling for alternatives, but armed with his baseball bat, there’s nothing much that can wipe the smile off his face.
    Full name: Simone Franklin
    Age: 19
    Bio: While breaking into one of Frank’s underground facilities, Stevie and Luther found Simone and tried to break her out, and when they almost got captured themselves, Simone managed to save them. Since then, she moved in with the duo and joined them on their subsequent outings, proving herself very useful when up against larger enemies. Her ability to fly means she can very quickly and easily manoeuvre during a fight and though she isn’t much stronger than the others herself, her weapon makes her a much more terrifying foe. Able to shape her weapon to fit any purpose she needs, most commonly as an orb or scythe, she can tear through most opponents. However, she easily has the lowest stamina of the group, and as her stamina decreases, both the strength of her weapon and ability to control it decreases drastically.
    Full name: Marvin Redding
    Age: 14
    Bio: Shortly before he joined this mismatched crew, Marvin was attacked while defending someone that was being targeted by Frank and his goons, and even though he was saved, it wasn’t without the loss of his eye. To prevent any further attacks, Stevie took him in to live with himself and the others, and until recently he wasn’t permitted to join everyone on their missions. As time passed, however, Stevie settled with letting him join them as long as he stays with a member of the team. For insurance, he was outfitted with a pair of gauntlets that allow Marvin to hit heavier, as well as installing a grappling hook for a quick escape, even if Marvin finds a way to use them for fighting anyway. His best strength and biggest weakness comes from a visor that he’s given specifically for any fights to replace his missing left eye. While it is his most powerful tool, he’s most vulnerable when charging a beam from it and it has a five-minute cooldown time, so any use of it must count.

    Hitlist: Idk, I'm just here for the chaos
    Availability: Probably after I see where I'm ranked
    Season Record: TBD