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    Hi everyone!

    This is my animation gallery old to new! It is also a biographical thread that talks about my struggles, improvements, ambitions, and what I have in plan for the future. You don't have to read it all, but if you're even viewing this thread, it must mean that you have at least SOME interest in what I've done in the past. Hope you find something here you enjoy or inspired you! Feel free to look around!

    -Sony Vegas Pro 12.0
    -Adobe After Effects
    -Adobe Photoshop
    -Bannedstory 3.2 or 3.0

    I wanted to make movies since I was 12 but not until 2007 was I inspired by people like Carlos (DeityZiex), Dray86, and Derek (Spritefan2) to make MS animations. Not knowing ANYTHING, I started editing stop-motion Bannedstory animations and uploading them on my YouTube account. Eventually, I decided that I should try to develop my own style and so I began working on 2 new elements to my videos - voice acting and writing. Although I have been on a LONG break since high school, I've been honing my editing and filmmaking skills through years of self-training, while studying film as a career. You can check out some of my RL film stuff on my other YouTube channel.(CalvinCshinobi).

    2008: Windows Movie Maker & Getting Started

    WUHA! MV
    - My 1st video with Bannedstory EVER. Yeah. It sucks LOL

    Attack of the Noobs 1: Ludi Massacre
    - This was my 1st full-scale animation project, originally a joke and our voice acting was terrible, but you gotta start somewhere :P

    Rainism MV

    CCninja Vs. THE PENGUIN
    - My 1st video with Sony Vegas Pro, though I still knew NOTHING about keyframed animation.

    2009: Moments of YouTube Triumph

    Ninjas Vs. Pirates

    Birthday Banjo

    The Bannedstory Barrage
    - My MOST VIEWED video till this day! It was my 1st big collaboration project with animators like MapleTheory, LockLockBoy, and some of my best friends. Most of us were still noobish animators, but that didn't take away from all the laughs we gave :)

    Attack of the Noobs II: The Victoria Rebellion
    - Attack of the Noobs 1 was a complete joke in terms of writing, acting, animating, etc. but I decided to get more serious on ATN 2. There's arguably much better acting and writing in this, but I still have long ways to go in terms of animating, as I was still doing stop motion
    -Won a spot on Nexon Singapore's MapleTV website.
    -Gathered a total of 90,000 views.
    -Unfortunately...a hacker around 2011 deleted 4 parts. Sorry, I'll update this as soon as I reupload them :(

    2010: The Beginning of my LONG Hiatus

    Having been so happy about last year's achievements, I was excited to immediately get started with working on Attack of the Noobs III, and I wanted it to my biggest project ever. However, this is when I got too busy making videos for community service and shooting school project films. I ended up working on it on and off, but not really updating my YouTube channel.

    But I did have the golden opportunity to voice act with THE CeraRain in her hit video:
    Boyfriends and Videogames

    2011-2012: RL Struggles and Social Anxiety

    Unfortunately, this is when life began to be very depressing. Idk about you, but high school was the WORST TIME of my life. My grandparents and uncle passed away all in the same year, leaving me already quite emotionally distressed...which unfortunately showed at school. It was the time when friends' personalties changed; people were either complete dicks or shallow-minded teenagers who heard rumors about you and didn't want to ever get near you for the sake of popularity. On top of that, I was losing more and more subscribers by the day, and one of my friends betrayed me and hacked my account, purposely deleting 4 of my most popular videos. I gradually became an loner who was suffering from social anxiety. To this day, I have been recovering and am trying my best to be a more positive person again.

    Attack of the Noobs 3: Soldiers of Scania - Reveal Trailer
    - After some time, I resumed working on Attack of the Noobs 3, renaming it as Soldiers of Scania. After showing some sample work of the movie through this "reveal trailer", I recasted my actors and talked to various people online, eventually having a new crew set up for the rewritten script. I have been animating the movie on and off while studying film and attending school ever since.

    Soldiers of Scania - 2nd Teaser

    2013: Return for Redemption
    My Comeback Trailer

    Halloween Special: TRICK OR KENNN!!!
    -When I started really getting into MapleMation, I knew I had to produce work to show who I am and what I do. This was the video I believe that got me some respect. Dedicated to the awesome members of MM who inspired me to keep improving!

    Soldiers of Scania - Official Teaser Trailer
    -At long last, I had enough footage done to release a teaser trailer for my BIGGEST PROJECT ever! I've worked on it for so long; it touches me that that people are still looking forward to it. I won't let you guys down! :D

    Christmas Special: Santa's HUGE GUNS
    -My first Christmas video in a long time since the Penguin fight. I still have SoS to work on, so I didn't focus on this entirely, but enough to make a nice present to Lynus and my bros on MM who connected with me :)

    2014: A New Age
    Here I am today. I'm a lone wolf using 90% of his leisure time working on a project that I almost gave up on 4 years ago. I have a few friends and fans with some faith in me, but that's more than enough. The one thing I learned about my adversity is that the only way I'm going to get people to recognize me again is to stay persistent and keep improving.

    I did not write about myself for your sympathy. I'm well aware that there are many of you like me who are currently going through similar shit, and so I just wanted to let you know my story and that it isn't over. Don't ever give up in what you aspire to be. Before people can believe in you, you must believe in yourself. Keep pushing forward! :)

    Being active and seeing you guys on MapleMation the past few months has really kept me inspired. It reminds me of how big the MS animation industry was back then and how we still have newer (and even MORE pro) generations of animators coming in, meaning there are still people out there that may end up watching my movies. Allow me to show you just how far I've come!

    Thanks for stopping by! :D
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    Saucy, bro.
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    Profile updated with 3 videos from the past few months and a revised ending statement...hopefully something that will inspire others :)
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    Far away from you
    That's a lot, and a great orderned timeline.
    Good job on your video's so far, and overcomming some of these problems as far as I read.
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    that WMM LMAO your videos are great man :senpainoticesme:
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    Man I just like seeing how you grew. I can only imagine how epic your next movie is going to be.
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    I think these animations are quite cool. You need to keep making 'em!