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Challenge examples

Discussion in 'MBR Discussion' started by Taki , Aug 24, 2014.

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    A bunch of ideas to add creativity to your challenge
    Animation 9
    Challenge #1: VS 1
    Description: Attack your opponent with or without reason.

    Challenge #2: VS mob
    Description: Pick a mob or object to let your anger out.
    Optional: Make it a lose VS mob challenge and let the better loser win.

    Challenge #3: Showoff
    Description: Impress the audience with a new and original skill bash.

    Challenge #4: Loop
    Description: Make an animation that perfectly loops.

    Challenge #5: Hageshii Sukiru
    Description: FINISH HIM! Unleash your ultimate technique on your opponent.

    Challenge #6: VS all
    Description: Fight against a never ending horde of enemies.

    Challenge #7: Cinema
    Description: Challengers make a very detailed and cinematic animation. Be it action, comedy or drama, remember to make it as real as possible. Learn your physics.

    Challenge #8: Vehicle Battle
    Description: Fight riding on a vehicle or any other mount.

    Challenge #9: Nonviolent Battle
    Description: Defeat your enemy without physically hurting them. Examples include contests like staring, eating, rap, racing, sports, enduring, pranking or simply scarring and traumatizing the living shi out of your opponent. Show the audience that you are the best even when it comes to not fighting.

    Sprite 6
    Challenge #1: Category
    Description: Pick any category like, hair; weapon; set; npc; mob; etc. and sprite freely.

    Challenge #2: Revamp
    Description: Chose any old or new sprite from the sprite section and make it better. Remember to stay with the original design.

    Challenge #3: Shade
    Description: Chose or create any sprite outline and shade it as maple like as possible.
    Optional: Chose the palette to use.

    Challenge #4: Edit
    Description: Start with any sprite, edit and send it to your opponent, your opponent edits the sprite again and sends it back to you. Do that 5 - 10 times and post the progress of both in the arena. In the end, both should have created the same amount of sprites and every single sprite should look different from the other, yet we should still recognize the previous sprite in it.

    Challenge #5: Tribute
    Description: Sprite a monument of your favorite person in the maple community.
    Optional: Agree or disagree to make the same person.

    Challenge #6: Non Maple
    Description: Create a sprite based on an agreed upon non maple related style. (examples: Isometric, LSW, Sonic, Kirby, Just, etc.)

    Comic 1
    Challenge #1: Suspense
    Description: Create a scene that leads to a climax. Whatever the cause of that scene is, should be properly portrayed.

    Map 0

    Art 0

    Fraction War 2
    Challenge #1: Duet
    Description: Chose your two best champions to fight against the other two. Both animators have to work on the same animation.
    Optional: Choose between 2 vs 2 or 2 vs whole fraction.

    Challenge #2: 100 Year Battle!
    Description: Your fraction members fight each other 1 vs 1 in normal MBR battles, one after the other. The member who wins can continue the game, the loser gets kicked out. You continue till one fraction gives up or loses all members. The leaders decide which of their members is next and it is recommended that you keep track on the participants. The leaders are responsible for posting the battles in the arena. The leaders must change turns in deciding a challenge.

    Additional options 8
    Add more options to your challenge, to make it more interesting.
    Option #1: Limit
    Description: Set a limit to anything you desire. Be it canvas size, animation length, palette or whatever floats your boat.

    Option #2: Haste
    Description: The competitors get 24 hours to finish their challenge.

    Option #3: Blind Poll
    Description: For those who feel that they will lose anyway cause the opponent has more fame. Do not name your works when posting in the arena till the voting is over.

    Option #5: Mood
    Description: Choose any mood or theme you desire. From comedy to drama, ninja to pirate, anything goes.

    Option #6: Open Hand
    Description: All competitors play with open hands (files). That means, you have to show your work if the other one asks you to. This is to give your opponent a chance on adapting his work to your level of effort.

    Option #7: Skill Restriction
    Description: Set a restriction to the skills used. Be it no elements, no weapons or no power ups. Make clear what you don't want to be used.

    Option #8: Weapon Fanatic
    Description: You must use at least 8 different weapons.

    Now please, suggest more challenges below. Only the best ones will be added, so don't bother making idiotic challenges.
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    Aquila Physics™
    Animation Challenge:
    Description: Make an animation (be it a fight or a comedic scene) that perfectly loops.
    Optional: Agree on a theme. (Probably out of the challenges already listed, making this redundant but oh well I tried)
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    drowning in college work
    Animation Challenge: Anime OP remake!

    Description: Create an animation based off an anime OP song of your choice!
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    Oh, we can post suggestions as well (cant read).
    alrighty then. hmmmm.

    - What's A Custom Pose? -
    ~ You and your opponent are only allowed to use default bannedstory poses. Any other poses used will result in disqualification.

    - All Around The World -
    ~ You and your opponent have animate using three or more different backgrounds.

    - Not So Bad After All -
    ~After fighting each other you have to team up with your opponent to overcome a hardship.

    Idk if these are bad or not. Just throwing some idea's out there.
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    drowning in college work
    Let's spice this up with having to use only the poses as they are, not altering them in any way like full-body animation for example.
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    Here's some ideas for the animation section :) All the names here are of course, up for debate.

    -Don't drop!-
    ~Both participants must fight without touching the ground (Or have item(s) belonging to each participant that cannot touch the ground.) First one to drop (Or drop their item) loses.~

    -That's cheating-
    ~Opponents use the terrain or natural elements to their advantage~ (Somewhat like Smash Brother's stage hazards)

    ~Create the most confusing ending possible~
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    -you and you opponet must fight with difirent characters from difirent unirverse such as {street fighter vs king of fighters} can be 1v1 o 2v2 tag team olso maplestory can be use