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Discussion in 'Closed Applications' started by Chariot , Apr 4, 2020.

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  1. Chariot

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    1.a. Who are you?
    im Chariot, big fan of power rangers, big fan of seven deadly sins, big fan of gacha games, big fucking powerful entity

    1.b. How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you? Tell us your story around this media.
    i have always liked pixel art, i kinda grew up with that shit ya know. all the games i played as a kid were made with pixel art and even modern games like owlboy and celeste have been huge inspirations for me to start making shit. i started trying to research and understand how people make pixel art about four or five months ago when i had some time off and since then it has become my go to way to kill time while not at work. the only people i could give credit to teaching me would be the people of this forum such as Kayas, Taki, Drew, Karasu and Rhys. having many examples of how to do it right as well as people who know what they’re doing commenting and critiquing my shit has really been motivational for me and i thank yall for helping teach me a lot

    2.a. Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team.
    idk, im really excited to potentially do collabs and shit with people who i respect the work of greatly if i was accepted into the team, other then that ima just keep making shit and posting it when its done like i have been. outside of the usual shit, i am currently working on some tutorials for newer spriters interested in jumping into sprites, not sure if im really good at making tutorials, but i thought id try it and see if i can help some folks out

    2.b. Why do you want this position?
    ill be real with ya, never really been on a team before. im always excited to try new things and this seems pretty new to me. i also really view it as an accomplishment to be accepted into a team filled with many talented people

    2.c. What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?
    idk how to improve a team tbh. i dont have any ground breaking ideas to help other members, if anything after looking through the members of the sprite team and the shit ive seen that theyve made, i do feel like id be the weakest link if i was accepted in. however i do make shit a lot and at this point i consider improving to be a huge goal for me, so i think id bring a lot of energy to the team. as for dedication, i feel like im pretty dedicated, this is basically my only hobby i have outside of mindlessly grinding miserable ass games, and especially with the quarantine atm, i have tons of time to help out where i can and dedicate myself to a team

    3. Show us 5-10 of your best work. Don't come with 5 weapons or 5 templates only. The more variation, the higher your chances.
    2. [​IMG]
    3. [​IMG]

    4. Add as many thread links as you need, that contains your best critique and comments in the sprite section.
    this is kinda why ive put this shit off for as long as i have? i dont exactly have many examples of my cnc because i havent been around long and not too many sprites are posted in the discord or on the forums. i have 1 example of my cnc that ive done, which probably isnt a good number to walk into this with but ill shoot my shot lol

    5. Closing notes.
    even if i fail this time, ill be sure to improve and try again. spriting is very fun for me as a creative outlet and the fact that the community here is so fucking nice about helping people learn really makes me wanna keep going. also i hope i didnt do this shit wrong, kinda just looked at Rhys' app and copied the bullet points from there lol
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  2. Rhys

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    Thank you for applying for Sprite Team.
    After a thorough review of your application, the team has decided to reject your application.

    You demonstrate the capability of learning from your mistakes and have a passion for spriting. Your examples give us the understanding you know the general rules of light source, color choices, and shading. However, you still lack skill in complex shading with textures, more variation in your work, and the understanding of fundamentals in pixel art. There are many rules in pixel art that need to be applied in spriting such as avoiding banding, correcting jagged lines, using anti-alias when necessary, etc. Continuing to practice, improve in your skills, and applying CnC will make all the rules become second nature. You show great potential with your quick learning, but we agree that you are not there yet. If you continue working at the same pace and energy now, you will improve tremendously.
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