Dan Returns

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  1. I haven't animated maple in almost 2 months, I'm rusty af. Give me a break...
    Things I noticed: Camming needs work
    Rigging needs work
    Movements could still use more fluidity
    My shading on my OC is butt salad
    Some things go by way to fast

    Thanks for watching, CNC is appreciated (I guess), leave a like.
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    I don't know.
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    your new SS looks cool. thumbs up:blushplz:
  3. NobleJuice

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    Your new SS is boring imo, no hate. I preffered your ealier one :/

    The overall animation.. is very messy. You used glitch for normal run w/o teleportation etc. To make the whole a better thing to understand. The pace should've been slower.

    I still love you jumpy style!
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  4. Blez

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    HEY! Welcome back <333

    the animation looks pretty neat and simple.
    comedic/jumpy style as usual.I like it!

    About your character, I like your hair and designs.
    still need to work on shading. I kinda dislike the eyes. looks creepy. it'sstaringatmysoul

    Catch ya on the flip
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    Ooooh heya Dan! great animation :O ss is not bad but ye I can't find the shading on ur clothes xD I rly like that glitch thing looks hella cool.
    Maybe you could work on your cam work tho. it almost doesnt move. maybe zooming your whole animation in and more subbtle movements when they are having a convo. also sum cam shake would be nice at certain impacts.

    Gl on your future projects and welcome back ^^
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  6. AHA! But you missed a crucial part of that sequence! Dan is glitching while running to psych him out. Notice that Dan
    moves higher, lower, then higher again on the surface while also glitching to make his kick that he came at the thief with less predictable, but
    it didn't work as effectively as he thought, hints his line "you would be a threat if you didn't use that stick for a weapon"


    As far as the rest of the animation, yes, it's quite messy. I need to get back in the groove of maple animating again... I really do appreciate your thoughts and CNC though, noblejuice!

    Yes, the shading is awful, and i'm sorry for not putting more work into it. I just haven't really done much spriting before, and while I could do much better than how I made Dan look, I just didn't because it really doesn't matter. Even if I had a SUPER PERFECT looking character and I can't even wow people with how I animate it, then what's the point. The eyes were made big because I have really big eyes in real life and people have often said that my eyes are always very wide, child like, and filled with life, so I tried to imitate the big eyes for Dan.

    My camming is disgusting. I even pointed it out under the video on "things i noticed". I'm trying to get better at camming, and I'll definitely take your thoughts into consideration! Thank you, Thatch! welcome back to you as well (cos you were gone for a while).
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    I'll start by saying that you've definitely gotten better, but that's about it. It looks like you've tried to replace all of your previous flaws as an animator by rehashing ideas that I've seen from other people, while also making room for even more flaws. (Super slippery physics, that weird "glitch" teleporting thing, super unoriginal VS screen thingy, etc.) I get that it's almost 2017 and no one's original anymore (or whatever people say these days whenever they're told they're not original), but I'd take you trying new things and failing over regurgitating ideas and style quirks from other animators and marginally succeeding.

    Getting. Tired. Of. This. I really wish I could take my foreskin and choke Zack with it for starting this awkward trend of people abusing the envelope tool in Flash. The reason why this is done in actual cartoons is to save time and money by "smearing" the drawings to transition into other frames, as opposed to taking the time to animate an actually fluid and complete motion by drawing all of the frames in their entirety. In something like sprite animation, where we are not pressed for time and riding on an actual budget (unless you're working for something like ScrewAttack or Hyper Gauge), there's no excuse for not spriting or animating the full transition.

    If by "camming needs work", you're referring to the fact that you have extremely wide shots with nothing going on in them other than your character standing there with an obtrusive block of text, then yes. I would venture to say that your cinematography definitely needs work. Instead of having a bunch of wide shots with jack shit going on in them, take an approach where the camera is more focused on your character with the text being placed on either the bottom of the top of the screen. (The top would probably be better.) There's nothing wrong with taking a unique approach to presenting your animations for the sake of being creative, but please do take care to refine your understanding of the fundamentals before you take said fundamentals and try to apply your own twist to them.

    I liked your old character better. The eyes are a pixel or 2 too high on the head for the sprite, the shading is non existent, and he's a Gary Stu. Yippee.

    You've definitely made progress, and I think if you want to make more progress, you're better off pursuing your own style instead of what you have now, which is like a shoddy amalgamation of styles I've seen before.

    Keep it up, Daniel the Maniel.
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    Merry Christmas. Have a new face.

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    That was so cool!
    I really like the smooth movements and funny dialogue xD Keep it up!!
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    Right now though, I'm mostly throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks (which you noticed) rather than actually trying to do something SUPER original. Although I do have some really cool original stuff planned for Dan and the other OC's of mine that will tie into his story, right now I'm just kinda doing some filler animation for build up and to kinda see what I'm good at.

    Smears just appeal to me. I didn't do them because of Zack. I watched some animations from way back when where there were smears and I thought it looked goofy and was cool, so I began using them after watching videos about smearing.


    HOWEVER, I'm just now figuring out how to use them on sprites so I was just like, Let's give these sprite animations a sense of bounciness with a hint of unrealistic to go with Dan's obvious carelessness because he knows he's basically invincible or the fact that one of my OC's has a burger for a head (Anim of him coming out as soon as I finish his sheet....) BUT, i will try to make them less obvious and less everywhere, if that's what you mean.

    Cinematography, yes, mos def needs work. Could you recommend some videos that have like... cinematography lessons or whatever? Or videos that kinda give the basics of good cinematography, because honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to that. I just kinda do stuff without planning. Every animation I've ever made has started with me drawing some random frames in flash then working with those first few frames to make something fun. But yeah, I'll definitely work on that.

    Once again, much appreciated feedback, man. I appreciate it and I'll try my best to use it and not get so caught up in things people have previously done and pave my own way style wise! (y)

    You're real af for this, you know that, right?

    Much appreciated advice, Vash! I'll definitely consider the criticism I was given and hopefully continue to improve!

    Thank you so much, Tracey! I'll try my best to keep up the content!

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    ^ #SavageAF and don't forget a particular bash/punch sound effect in Zack's soundpack that EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER USES FOR EVERYTHING D:

    I believe Dela summed up just about everything important to take from this, but on the plus side Dan, your dialogue and pacing has hella improved. It's gone beyond silly jokes now - we're starting to see a bit of character and transformation. Not too sure of his look and outfit, but the new SS definitely represents someone who's changed from the previous Dan.

    I've been out of the animating game for a long time too so it'll be a fresh unrust for both of us. Welcome back man, and happy holidays!
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