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  1. Name: Danwel
    Silver | 60

    Biography (I highly suggest reading this before watching the DEMO):


    Hitlist: Sungod, Drew, Alex303, Neil.
    Lemme get fully situated, then it's over for you niggas.

    Season Record (Season 1):
    End of Season Rank-Points: N/A
    Season High Rank-Points: N/A
    Battle Record: N/A
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  2. Neil

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    + The combat was okay. Nothing super fancy, but the flow of it was fine.
    - Fake loading screen/character select. It was mostly there for filler and the animation itself didn't have a video game feel that you were going for (?)
    - Random double/triple framing throughout the animation. It's just making things drag out longer than they should. If you're using double framing to build up for something, it's fine, but to just use it for literally everything causes problems and takes away from your animation. I understand why it was there for the ending, but I don't get why you did it throughout the entire animation.
    - Uninteresting camming. Mostly just side to side panning and zoomed out too far for the most part.
    - Background felt really empty. Just tiles and a few objects.
    - Nothing really has any proper build up (aside from the rocket at the end). Things that were meant to have build up just felt like normal attacks to me.

    If anything, the animation you presented was bland, full of random fighting game references that don't make sense, and lacks any sound effects as well as boring camming. Your rank is Silver | 60.
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    Dec 2, 2014
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    Locked and moved due to removed demo. Let me know when you reupload it or put a new one but like how @Thewindyfan did - make it clear that this is post-rank.
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