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Art Team?

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  1. DarenDevil

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    Jun 9, 2016
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    your closet.
    Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.

    Aye I'm Daren (Kokain) ~ I was that dude who painted over maplestory pixels when I first got here :']
    (It's all in the past now though, please don't roast me again)

    Firstly, I honestly wasn't even sure how digital art worked until I popped in here back in 2016. I had always assumed that those cool maplestory art banners were made by some god level traditional artists who had made white printer paper their b*tch - So when I saw the art of those 'filthy elitist tryhards' in the art team/community I immediately became inspired, invested in an art tablet that was probably stolen, and became who I am today :
    A filthy beaner with an art tablet who managed to go from disrespectfully drawing over pixels to making some decent art :]
    And for that, I am forever grateful for <3

    Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team.Why do you want this position?

    Overall, you guys opened a great path for me, that I don't think I would've found anywhere else. From the helpful criticism to motivating comments that I received from this community, I was able to improve and refine the skills of what I love doing the most, and build connections with people that I consider to be some of my greatest friends.
    From this, I hope to be able to provide the same kind of inspiration to those who also stumble upon this place.
    And although I still have much to improve on in my own work, I will always be happy to share the knowledge that I've come to learn from my own art journey - just as the current and original art members have been, and are doing now :]

    What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?
    This question is hard when the team is already solid and flawless..
    but uhhm... i know español....i speak taco
    I could help future spanish speakers (If they ever come..) with their issues regarding art related topics :^]

    How dedicated are you?
    My fists are ready.

    Post 5-10 pieces of your work


    Do you have anything else to add?

    Theres an old art thread buried somewhere here that I made when I was still an uncultured swine doing traditional art -
    I drew some peeps from the community, and I think its a good measure of how much I've grown throughout my time here :D
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  2. Kajiya

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    Si senior

    Si soy del rancho
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  3. pinkcacti

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    dareeeeeeeeen!! ahhh i cant make the call but id love to be art team buddies!!!! but im sure youll get in your art is amazing!!
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  4. Kaneko

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    Feb 8, 2016
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    YES! YEES!! WE SAY YES!! Welcome to the art hood my guye!! :coolguy: Lets do our best in art section as a team
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