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    went from practising hair to making a full character design i guess. still trying to get better with hair and shit, think im slowly making progress? idk. cnc welcome and wanted tho
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    The colors are great for a start and could be given a hint of a more purple color and as the general shading of the hair is a great start too. but I think it would look better if your light source is more curved, this could help it pop out moure as the brightest parts aren,t concentrated in a "___" kind of way. Another way to add detail or "depth" would be to darken the colors of the hair where the ear starts (From where the eye is to the tip of the ear.)

    But this is great and don't let this stop you from making a character out of this already


    @Chariot this is kind of a decent quick reference to what I mean, I edited your original one for you to reference if you'd like. It's not great but i hope it may help.

    Another good tip is when making the maple characters hair, leave a good 6 pixels higher than the top of the base head, it can also help give depth, once there is a nice distance from the scalp it can also help.

    The clothes are nice and simple and that can definitely help for when drawing them on custom templates in my opinion
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