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    『Name』 Tsuyo
    Tsuyo is 14 years old. He was taken hostage from the after walking home from a store one day later to be used as a lab rat
    for the power hungry Nigel who is the not so human embodiment of negative energy itself. He was kept in a rundown underground
    laboratory for weeks while constantly being filled with negative energy and performing tests to see what effects it did to his
    body. Fortunately for Nigel, the damage was nearly zero to none, as he was going to use his power to force his successful
    vessel's conciousness out of their body to claim it and take on more negative energy, starting the process again. After a
    successful test session, Tsuyo was granted to tour the lab as a means to rest his body. He finds a room full of the failed
    test subjects. Nearly all of them were covered in blood and barely alive and for the most part conscious. One particular
    fellow who went by the name of Danny still had some but was greatly injured. Tsuyo found him and was able to find first aid
    which Danny applied to himself. His body had very little tolerance so he stored his share of dark power to manifest a scythe
    which stored it. Danny and Tsuyo formed a team and bested Nigel. He fled, leaving them to get the failed subjects medical
    attention and destroyed the laboratory. It turns out that some subjects gave in to the darkness, leaving Tsuyo and Danny to
    defeat them and take the energy left behind for their own benefits. Though they never met up very often after defeating Nigel,
    their goal was simple; defeat Nigel and restore the lives of those he'd ruined.
    Heil Glazers
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    An old Japanese sword which Tsuyo can use as a conductor to his powers.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AOT Swords
    Blades that come in two bound by a strong thread that can cut through the thickest of bone.
    Scissor Blade
    In its normal form and Execution Mode. #don'tloseyourway
    Pixel Glasses
    (U wot m8 ill intershrektion 420 quickscope u git guud scrup)
    Close combat
    Awakened Mode - The more pain he goes through in battle the longer it lasts; during this time his stats such as speed, defense and agility increase and he can predict the opponent's movements easier.
    Weapon Summoning
    Energy Manipulation - He can send power to his limbs to harden his hits.
    Can get distracted very easily leaving him open for attacks.
    Girlz :came: The slightest cute gesture and Tsuyo will DEFINITELY get sidetracked.
    Absolute Randomness
    1. VS Olightsword [WIN]
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    MBR M-
    jk not now.

    Goodluck in your future battles!!
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    nice character! good luck on future battles
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    Gw orang indo
    Wow your animation is pretty good I mean Really good ::D:
    Good luck ony your future battle

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