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    [​IMG] Angous [​IMG]

    Strength ~ 10/10
    Dexterity ~ 5/10
    Constitution ~ 10/10
    Wisdom ~ 6/10
    Intelligence ~ 5/10
    Charisma ~ 10/10


    In the slums of the war ruined land of Old Chicago, a young kid struggles to survive. With his mother fending for herself ever since his father died from the war, things were very tough for the both of them. Angous's mother became extremely ill; most say it's a terminal illness. He still refuses to accept it, Often refuses to show how he truly feels about his mothers situation at hand. Soon after she got sick, Angous Began to skip school to earn money for the both of them. She has grown too weak to go back to work and force him to stay in school everyday. As a 17 year old, he had acquired an illegal I.D. to lie about his age, allowing him to compete in small underground fights, although they were more like caged brawls, making barely enough money to scrape by for him and his mother. As time passes by, the meds for his mother has grown more expensive, and her condition has been getting worse. Sometimes she sleeps for days before waking up. Angous’s illegal fights are no longer making enough to refill the house with the essential supplies, groceries, mothers meds, clean water and other things. He must look for another way to earn money. After snooping around his father's old war stories and files, he stumbled across a file about other parts of the United States that are in fact still thriving as if the war had never happened. It also speaks of Angous's fathers' previous career as a professional heavyweight Prize Fighter. Specifically talking about a huge tournament that declares a Fighter the best in the world. The "World Fighters League". Stating the Winner not only recieves the Title of the strongest Fighter in history. But a Gargantuan amount of money. Figuring if he somehow competed in this World class fighting Tournament, acquiring the prize money. Angous could finally afford the things needed to get his mother to a medical professional. Before it's too late.


    Oblivious, VERY stubborn, gets into meaningless conflicts, very competitive, and can be a bit cocky at times. Will always push through anything no matter the odds stacked against him. Especially if it's something he needs to prove. Growing up in the slums of aether he can be quite abrasive and rough around the edges towards people he doesn't know or trust.


    He is a natural leader, a hard worker, unmatched willpower, and would die for any of his friends in an instant. His devotion to his goals are mostly unmatched in the things he's willing to do to achieve those goals. When it comes to the wellbeing of his friends he would rather die on the spot than watch them suffer in his place.

    Fighting for most his life, and it being the one thing he can rely the most when it comes to sticky situations. Angous, Is very simple minded in his way of thinking for solutions. He gets very frustrated if he can't solve a problem with his brute force and iron hardened knuckles.

    Although he’s been shown to strategies if he desperately needs too, Sadly he’s not the best at it. But he can get the job done in a pinch.

    two Heavy ass Fists.


    -Punches are said to be so painful, people have mistaken his fists to be made of raw Iron

    -Gargantuan Strength and Stamina.

    -Can dish out an overwhelmingly amount of punishment over long periods of time.

    -Remarkable stamina and conditioning. Able to sustain almost near maximum power over very long periods of time before fatiguing.

    -Incredible Granite chin, he will not get knocked down /out easily

    -Will never break a promise

    -Having absolutely no weapon, he relies on his own two fists too get in close and deal major damage.

    -very weak and inexperienced with long range fighters. Angous relies on his speed to close in. and can get annoyed quickly.

    -Very short tempered and infamous for being reckless

    -Able to take a hit and be pretty quick in short twisting and explosive movements. When it comes to overall speed in terms of pacing and keeping up with Fighters who specialize in speed. Angous does not compare.

    -Very stubborn and does not cooperate easily with others he does not know or trust.


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    PM me when you have a demo and I'll unlock your profile.
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