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    A map bigger than my d- heart
    Yeah, so, you might have heard that i've been working on a game called `MASTERS IN LEGENDARY FIGHTING` ever since i was born and i'm making some steady progress now. Still, mostly practicing and figuring out the way i want to approach to create the best resources for it, before getting to the whole programming thing. So bare with me while i create the best game in history.
    The idea i had with this was to step up the concept of common 2d maps and ditch the whole tiles thing to create a more aesthetic single piece of art that's still playable in a side scrolling fashion. As you can see i only got to barely shade the bottom quarter and this whole thing is just 1 out of 9 maps in the game. So, you might feel my pain. I hate to give it up after spending so many hours on it, but i have to be more realistic to proceed and leave this idea for when the game takes off and earns some monais.
    Next step is to sketch 9 new maps, 1 sprite sheet and finish up the game concept to finally start programming the game. I will worry about the fine art when i have something to play.

    Thank you for being such a cutie pie!
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    That bottom corner looks amazing, holy hell. Shame we won't see the finished product for a while, but ya, good luck on your project.
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    Hahahah that plant at the house on the front :D Really like the maps design :D
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