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    As brief as this animation is, it's story-driven. After uploading, I noticed a brief issue with Ainn's arm near the end, but feel free to point out any errors you saw. Sync my sink. If you're sitting here wondering where the video is, click the thumbnail! It does things. Also, the character in this video will have their sprite sheet released later on. I just would like to at least give her more emotes and maybe show off her potential beforehand.

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    I'd say it was more 'character-driven' than 'story' since there wasn't really any visible plot or clear motivation vs. conflict development. I get that Ainn just met this girl who helped him out of the blue for the first time, but the social exchange at the end was way too little or subtle to either understand or care about. The monster never really fought back either, so it's not like Ainn was breaking a sweat and necessarily needed her to win, making his and Mel's encounter almost pointless.

    My hope is you plan on building upon this interaction with future sequels or shorts with more context. It's not much of a 'story' as it is a fight scene with characters imo :/ Otherwise, nice action sequence. I liked your usage of weapons and prop trajectory vs. generic swinging and bashing in most fight scenes xD
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