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Factions and you!

Discussion in 'MBR Discussion' started by Bakari , Feb 22, 2015.

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    Hello, my name is Bakari Camara, on the forum I am known as Smog and I'm here to tell you about factions. As a former leader of the faction Apex and a former member of the faction Endless, I think I have enough experience to tell you what you need to know about factions in general.

    What are factions?
    Back when I first joined this community
    someone told me that factions are like family, whatever you do, do not forget that important fact. So before you join or create your own faction, remember that you need to try to get along with everyone, tension is the last thing you want for faction.

    Factions are basically like social groups, just that they collaborate on events regarding the forum. These events vary on what type of faction it is.


    Joining a faction.
    As I previously stated, factions are like family, so when choosing what faction to apply for be ready to spend time with the people in there.

    Some factions are harder than other to get into. Some factions you have to be incredibly talented to be able to join, some others you have to get invited to and some factions let the most people in, without giving too much thought about your skill level in said category. Now all of these types of factions are unique in their own ways and some of them might be more appealing to you. (Me myself really like factions where the most people get accepted into, since they show support and strive to improve together, yet I made a faction where you need to have a certain amount of talent to get in, I won't get into too much detail, since I am derailing from the subject.) Now there are minds that think different in relation to this topic, some want to really impress people with their talent so they try to get into the more hard to enter type of factions, while some just generally want to improve with the help of others. Heck some even want to join factions only to get new friends. Try to categorize yourself into what type of factions you want to join, basically try to find a factions that fits you.

    And most importantly
    DO NOT BE SCARED, believe me, factions don't feel anything else than joy when they see that application of yours, they are excited about reading and reviewing your application, so click that PM button and get typing!

    Leading a faction.
    It's hard... it's really hard if you want it to succeed. I'm not going to lie one bit about this, but I will say one more thing, it is really fun. Keeping a faction active, it might be a hassle, but you will enjoy every bit of it.

    So where should you start? Well how about a name? The name can be anything, but here's some advice, keep it catchy and easy to remember.

    After that I would suggest you to find at least one more person who is willing to help you out with the creation. This can be anyone you trust, a close friend, some random person you met on omegle last night, anyone. Don't be afraid to ask help from someone. And if you can't find someone just drop a PM to me and I'll give you all the advice I can.

    Now get a theme, you don't necessarily need to have one, but it will surely attract people if you have a ongoing theme for your faction.

    Set a goal for your faction, nothing will keep people more motivated other than a goal, for example; Beat all of the other factions, get 10 members, etc.

    Now type out all of the information you need to create the base of the thread, like members, market place history, FW history... etc.

    And now just hit that post button and wait for the members too flood in!

    - But Bakari~ everyone in my faction inactive and none of them do anything what do I dooooooooooo???
    - Shut up for a second and listen up.

    That is all up to you, as a leader it is your responsibility to keep the faction on going, if that is what you desire. Faction are not required to be active as long as you have a reason for not being active, let's say all of the members are occupied with personal projects or something. There are multiple factions like this, but if you want to be an event active faction you need to organize everything and bring it up to the members, if no one is up for it you might want to reconsider the faction as a whole. Is it more like a social group than a faction? Does no one seem to care in general including you the leader, then maybe you should change the definition of the group from faction to social group, or just completely close the faction down.

    In the end, you will have a lot of work to go through and you will have to make decisions. But please do not be afraid or get discouraged, closing a faction is no big deal, honestly for some (including myself) it might just lift a weight off of your chest.


    I hope some of this has been useful and good luck! Bakari out~

    PS: If someone from the News (grammar nazi) team want's to fix the grammar and the overall design of the page, feel free to. (If you have the privileges that is).
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    niceme.me thread

    Some of this information should clear up some perspectives about ↻ in the meantime.
    Sticky topic pls
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    Should you ever plan an event and actually want it to happen, you need to make it happen. By that I mean you absolutely need to set deadlines and communicate with people. Do not ever put anything off; keep extensions to a minimum. Setbacks will exist, but you have to work around them immediately; Zeal vs Endless never happened because I had this big thing in mind but one member never provided one of the resources for the war. If only I had just decided to push things along in a fashion similar to Zeal's other wars, settling details with the other faction leader asap and getting something going.

    I got lazy around that time though, so there's that.

    I'd also like to add emphasis to how this can be a lot of work at times; checking on people, talking to people, resolving problems that your faction members may have - it can take up quite a bit of your time depending on how involved you choose to be.
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