[Fighting game] Tempest of Goddess Faith 2

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    Tempest of Goddess Faith 2


    Hey guys, I had this game I made a long time ago for funsies. It's a fighting game! (Guess it kinda fits this site since most of the animations involves around fighting? ) It also supports netplay for those who want to play online.
    The game features 8 characters from my other games + a punching bag.
    For single player it has an arcade mode with final boss being the punching bag.

    Normal moves:
    -Arrow keys to move
    -Double tap right or left to dash or air dash
    -Z, X ,C = normal attacks
    -A = high jump
    -E = Grab / Aerial Recovery (Cost 1 SR bar, recovers in air when you're hit)

    Unique moves:
    Down + Z, X , or C = unique character move
    Down + A = Iframe charge skill

    Specials (Needs at least 1 bar or more to use. Depends on the skill)

    D = special 1
    Down + D = special 2
    DOWN + E = special 3



    Yes you can netplay this game, and fight against other players online.
    You can either portforward and host, while the person that joins doesn't needs to set up anything
    to learn how to portforward you a try at www.portforward.com
    (You have to set ports to 7500 or you can change the port the game use in the lunaport.ini)

    After you're done open lunaport. I should bring a menu.
    The rest is kinda self explenatory in a way, but we will use 1 and 2, pressing 1 and enter
    is to host, while pressing 2 and then enter is to join.


    Would like to CnC on the game too~
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