Fource vs Yuki & Shiro Scene 2 (Unfinished)

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    That's right, I'm back!
    Sort of!
    I'm currently working on a new animation so I thought now would be a good time to upload some unfinished animations I haven't shown yet. I had this whole huge script planned out for a battle test between Fource and his two 'apprentices' Yukistune and Shirokami, the Twin White Faunix. It would've shown off a lot of the magic they can use. Unfortunately, at this time Flash would crash constantly, decreasing my motivation.
    I tried to figure out a way to animate more efficiently and changed the animation style part way through, but it didn't work out. I could try to continue the script now, but after so much time has passed, I really don't have the motivation to do so.
    Don't worry, though. I've got another old animation to upload that's much less disappointing~
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    Hello! great job on the story! it's really interesting to watch!
    however, a few pointers:
    when your character lands and slides at 0:01
    try to make the sprite on the first frame of the slide a little shorter but wider, then ease it out to the original size so you'll get a smoother transition (while making the character slide to the side ofc)
    then, after the slide, your character jumps and I see that you've tried to squish him before the jump which is nice, however, you forgot to put the anchor point at the bottom middle of the sprite of the character and that made the whole thing look weird (you also haven't added ease to that)
    I've made a quick example of how it should look like:
    I suggest you start giving attention to the little details [like at (0:24) when the shine from the sword overlays the whole character except his smile]
    to take your animations to the next level.

    thats it for now! good job~