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Team of the Arts, footnote Design?

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  1. StayFrosty

    StayFrosty Lynus was here! WAS.
    Design & Art Team

    Apr 16, 2014
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    To my condolences and the utmost unfortunate and undeniable sincerest regrets, I shall be applying for the Art Team in Maplemation.

    1. Tell us your biography. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you?Just tell us a little about yourself.
    2. Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team.Why do you want this position? What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?
    3. Convince us with your work. Post 5-10 pieces of your work. If you are skilled in multiple mediums, post as much variety as you can.
    4. Do you have anything else to add?

    1. I am Frosty, StayFrosty, Avalancro, Snowy and a plethora of other weird names that I have become to be known by. My activeness is out of... some mild interest in doing something rather than studying; a few years ago at least. With a desire to quell a feel of unquenchable boredom with a motive to be productive in a bastardization of the word. I took a graphite laden stick and the corpse of a dead tree and started to etch into it a crude form of the mockery that is real life. I have repeated this process many times, evolving from marking processed wood to.... LED displays with a piece of flat plastic which is where I am today. But I'm an animator, I think? This is the animation team application sub-forum right?

    2. I want this position because nepotism. Shout out to Kaneko for wanting me to join. Also helping people seems like an enjoyable past time. My plans are to stumble in the dark while grasp at the walls for the non-existent light source, although weeding out corruption seems like a good step as well. Along with promoting art within Maplemation and possibly a cross-team collaboration effort. Dedication wise, I think I'm pretty dedicated to one extent or another. I will try my best as my chemicals will motivate me to do so, if they are produced that is.


    Tracey Meme.





    4. Please don't take my strange comments seriously. I hope I made this application far more interesting to read with my terrible sense of humor. Also I like puns. A lot. Perhaps you were wondering: "where thou **art** puns?"
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  2. Kaneko

    Kaneko Still The Weakest Student Of Horizon

    Feb 8, 2016
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    No, ur bad sensei (Nah im joking LOL! its green! it mean yes! you're in sensei!)
    Thanks a lot for considering to join the Art Team! You really helped me a lot in art! instead of working in the shadow, let's work together as a team! Let's do our best! :blushplz:
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