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  1. Kajiya

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    Sunday, October 6, 2019
    2:38 PM, Mountain Standard time
    Hi, my name is kajiya or blacksmith or whatever you want to call me, even by my IRL name, Derek, If you wish to use it.
    The purpose of this post is to address one or two things ive had on my mind for a while, like a mosquito that doesnt leave you alone, Ive had a buzzing concept in my head for weeks but I've only ever acted on it ... a couple times? the title pretty much sums up what it is, a game concept that I thought up and you're all justified to call it "2d monster hunter" or the like, you'll see why in a second but notes before hand

    1) There will be a section of serious topics in regards to what im doing, why and how itll all be done, i want to take time to give each step of the process some light with each post, and hope you all can see a visual of the process of making a game.

    2) feel free to read or skim, this is all educational purposes, as I want to provide something to everyone that'll bring a bit more life to the forums as well as helping me concentrate on my project as I'm very sure I have ADHD or something along those lines. but again, this post will be for what ever purpose you want it to be, feel free to comment with anything you wish, lest it be words of encouragement, critique, suggestions, etc etc. i'd be happy to take time and read what ever comments you all provide.

    3) My tone can very easily shift from professional to lax and casual in a heart beat so forgive if things go off track in a future update or what ever,

    4) updates, depending on progress or on how Important something was towards the development, wont be scarce and will come more frequently then you thought, but again its all subject to change.

    5) to those of you who KNOW what I'm talking about, I've taken the liberty and kept the concept but also am currently in the process of redoing everything from the ground up, a lot is changing and again, any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    now then for the bigger parts

    The idea is that you are one of various playable classes who've made a home in small villages on a newly found land mass which was coined as "Mastonia."

    Mastonia is a Land rich in life and magic, the magic affecting the evolution of all of the animals and creatures across the continent, from Tree sized Mantids, to giant toads carrying plant life on their back to myriad of other species waiting to be documented, and that's where the player comes in.

    this is where the "monster hunter" aspect of things comes into play. except I really wanted to BROADEN the idea of "Documentation" where as in MH you'd collect tracks or monster droppings, etc etc, and then had the choice of either trapping or slaying the monster And I want to be able to give players more then just that, this comes at the sacrifice for some mechanics but that'll be worked out on a later date but for now what i want for a general system is simply as follows

    1) the ability to track down and locate any given creature, based off of the material you found out in the wild
    2) hunt the fuckers or trap them, except you can trap them in a multitude of ways
    3) domesticate the local wild life and cultivate them
    4) even an observation mechanic where simply being around a creature and watching it gives research score, bonus if you can manage to observe the more hostile predators from close.
    5) Identify any creature made destruction, such as corpse, scratchings, droppings, etc etc etc and basically figure out what caused this

    and your goal is... what ever you wish for it to be. that's for the whole "Documentation" aspect which will branch into other things soon enough

    as for what Classes you can chose, I had a rather large amount of ideas but for now ill just narrow it to about 5 that really stuck with me for this.

    1) The basic hunter
    well rounded, pro-efficient in all things, you can wield what ever you want and you get neither no bonuses or no penalties, its as clear as it can get.
    -basic knowledge
    -basic handwork with all weapons
    -well rounded (again)
    2) Field engineer
    Brains and brawn combined, this man specializes with heavier weapons and has an extensive know how on weapon maintenance, forging and the types of materials/ores needed to craft and repair weapons on the spot. not a big fan of lighter weapons though.
    -can repair his own weapons
    -bonus to weight limit
    -bonus swing/draw speed to heavy class weapons (heavy fire arms, two handed weapons, greatbow)
    -advanced foraging knowledge
    -bonus to crafting material gathering
    -bonus to ore gathering
    3) Scout Ranger
    Farsighted, Quick and attentive, you'll never be able to sneak up on the ranger. basically has eyes on their backs. they prefer long ranged combat but still like the option of being swift and nimble, so you'll see them running lighter bows or one handed fire-arms or anything that doesn't hinder their movement stats, of course if they do have to, then they'll suffer from it dearly due to not knowing how to cope with the extra weight
    -bonus to in-battle movement speed
    -bonus draw speed to light class weapons (one handed weapons, light bows, one handed fire arms, light firearms)
    -bonus stats to light armor
    -triple weight increase on any heavy class equip
    -durability penalty to all equips
    4) Field Mechanic
    Brain and some brawn, these ones prefer to keep their distance and use mid-class weapons, such as rifles, snipers, longbows, etc etc. they know how to work machines extra-well and have a bonus to using such machines like crafters, smelters, etc etc.
    -bonus to mechanical weapons (crossbows, rifles, powerlance, etc etc)
    -slight penalty on heavy equip load
    -slight penalty on light equip durability
    -can repair their own weapons if the weapon is mechanical
    5) Occultist
    These types aren't exactly outcast, but aren't the most beloved either, they're very odd and out of place in the mana-imbued landscapes of Mastonia, but tend to become a valuable asset to teams due to their abilities to work with mana. Occultist are often identified by their dark clothing, tendency to always have a hood on, glowing tattoos and heavy association with space and what not.
    -ability to use versatile dark magic
    -convert the mana around to fit your current need
    -interact with specific map objects
    -can only use specific weapons
    -some creatures tend to be magic resistant

    Another thing I wanted to add was the ability to select a "Motive" or one of 3 story lines that you can follow through out the quest and actions you take while in game.

    Motive 1:
    Godbeast hunt:
    Fueled by unending drive and passion, you seek out the legends themselves to become a legend, the one who hunted the 3 godbeast that have been rumored to inhabit Mastonian grounds, From the Infernal Destroyer, Shiva, To the indomitable titan serpent, Vishnu. you came to this new land for fame, and nothing will stand in your way!

    Motive 2:
    Unfinished Business:
    everything you heard about mastonia matches up to the place where your beloved parent found their last breaths at, the records he left for you tell a tale about riches and splendors awaiting you and how his team was so close, yet the more you explore, the more recordings and documents you find depicting something that only causes a great fear to grow within. but it is your duty as the next generation to continue where they left off and to ward off a possible threat to life on this splendid landmass

    Motive 3:
    A Child's Tale:
    what started off as a ferry rhyme as now morphed into an all out search for what seems to be too good to be true, a technologically advanced ship, left by beings ancient to be found as treasure, eventually all lose interest and agree it was a mere child's tale but you aren't so deterred, you figure that if its not in any domesticated areas, then it must be somewhere in Mastonia, awaiting with its various wonders, rumored to have been left by the angels themselves, so you set out on this last journey to find the fabled airship. Only through your drive and determination, will you finally prove whether the myth is real or busted.

    And this is really all I can think of as of right now, but when i get into finalizing or adding more, as a baseline for this system then i'll be sure to add it to this post.

    Again (for the 4th or 5th time) any comments, words of encouragement or suggestions would be much appreciated! even a name suggestion because I haven't the foggiest of fucking clue as to what to call this
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  2. Kajiya

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    Update 1
    Tuesday, October 8, 2019
    12:07 AM Mountain Standard Time

    So far I've made a bit of progress, fleshing out some ideas and so far I've ran into the concept of 2D limitations (and @Blanc not shutting up about going 3D, aka fuck that) and so I've just been toying with smaller details to sort of ... not eliminate some map based issues but to kind of phase them out, per say.

    my original idea on handling each map or locale, is taking a large map and splitting it into sections so that it doesn't feel like hell to try and navigate but still feeling like the world itself is vast, despite being cut into various chunks. this is sort of a thing for the sake of performance, just if you're wondering. I do plan on throwing in A LOT of interactivity with a lot of things so I do personally feel like I might overload the engine, but I could be horridly wrong. not too sure with Godot limitations thought that's just me.

    so the first idea is cutting the large map or "Locale" into chunks that'll act like smaller maps to load but... they're already "Preloaded" per say, the code will just tell the assets to come onto the player scene. but if that's not possible then ill try to find some other method of pre-loading each chunk so that the separate sections don't take years to load like an individual map itself.

    Another idea is Landmarks! As you'd guess, Landmarks are objects of interest that pinpoint a section of the locale as a notable, recognizable or key point where you should keep an eye on, or make navigation alot easier now that you have a sense of location and direction. now since I also plan on making a large map into smaller sections, they can also share the same data and relation that another would have, per say if a creature ran off from A1 to B2. the data of his health, stamina, condition and visual sprites would transfer to the other chunks as is and would remain saved as is and would update, if you damaged said creature and it moved to another section, i'd- you get the idea, every section would share a global clock that would set the timer for alot of things such as plants growth, creature spawn, weather and many other aspects, but I want to also make Landmarks visible from other sections as well to help more with navigation as I do assume the sections of each map would still be fairly large

    these are all just smaller things to provide ease of life qualities to the game to make it as enjoyable as it can be. I still plan on experimenting with other work arounds to the 2D limitations and if you guys have any suggestions please drop them down in a comment, anything is heavily appreciated

    as for other things I've fleshed out

    - 2 new classes, the last one ill add
    -- Heavy swordsman
    pro-efficient in using most larger bladed weapons such as great swords, dual cleavers, halberds, blitz sheilds, etc etc.
    -- Assaulter
    Gun specialist, can blitz most creatures with unrelenting force and a storm of lead and specializes in using light
    firearms, and has the unique ability to dual wield 2 different light firearms to provide a variety of combos!
    - the aforementioned navigation concepts
    - the search for a FUCKING set style begins (its genuinely hard)
    - the start of making a base for each larger mechanic via the use of maple story assets (no money gain so its perfectly L E G A L), i suspect there will be about 5 or more alpha test for each mechanic, after those are good then slowly but surely ill merge one and another, and the first playable beta will be with maple graphics, for the sake of time to check if all the raw code itself works, ill be asking for sheets from people, if you want to be a playable class then hit me up on Discord, just find my Kajiya name in the sprite team role on the MM discord!

    again, thank you for your time!
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  3. Blanc

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    Go 3D already, hoe
  4. Kajiya

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    Thursday, October 10, 2019 (MST)
    12:31 AM
    Whilist eating a 3rd almond joy because they're good as fuck i bring you what ive come up with right now... Well not exactly what I came up with but its more of a standard of games like most open worlds and its Locales.

    Now, Internally, I want to avoid taking locales that make it seem like im just yanking shit from the MH series (or dauntless but if I did no one would know I did because they'd probably forget about dauntless, lol... g-get it? it flopped cus... its- its not goo-) so ill just state on things that i may want but no clue as of right now on my part

    Forest Biome:
    No escaping that, its the ideal starting place for many games with its accessibility for easy variety and its naturally homey feel, like any other game would

    Desert Biome: i feel like this one is standard too but Its shaky ground as there's not AS much room for design but, when the term "magical" is involved then anything is up for grabs in terms of visuals, the issue is just keeping everything both Vast but not a nightmare to move around in

    Water based Biome: now this can range from a forest filled with a metric fuck ton of rivers, beach side area, or actually going underwater, or even underground caves or sea caves that are extensively deep or something along those lines. This one is a fun one to toy with along with a following concept that ill mention.

    Swamp Biome: Now this can be considered the above mentioned, but I personally feel that a swap has enough traits where it seperates itself from the Water based just enough to warrant its own areas

    End game Biomes: nOW HERES WHERE IT GETS FUN because this can be anything really. Lore wise, the end game is usually something that conveys "this is where the big boys are at" and so far what ive wanted is maybe ...
    So all the motive story lines will basically take you the same end game area, which is what i wanted one of two things

    1) the bottom of a seemingly massive and unending whirlpool in a remote location of the ocean, this will lead you to a floating island in the middle of a massive cave which spans out into it, within you can find high level creatures and flora which were labeled as either extinct or mythical. In game the area would be labeled "center of the earth"


    2) you are lead to a place known to many as Yggdrasil (If i find a more original name then ill take it but for now this is it) where islands were said to have be lifted far into the sky due to the sheer amount of raw and powerful mana that inhabited the areas, the creatures becoming just as strong while adapting to a more avian life, many of its native life adapted to take flight to traverse the floating land mass, but dont worry, you will as well with one simple quest but the ability to do so will only function in yggdrasil or in very specific areas around the playable world, same idea where their are mythical creatures and prized fauna/flora in the locale as well as lost treasures of the ancients or some shit like that.

    these aren't concrete and I may just end up tossing both of them in but who knows, only time will tell.

    again if you have any suggestions for the aforementioned topics, please comment. anything is heavily appreciated, again, thank you for taking time to read this.