Goodbye, Summer.

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  1. Today is my final day of summer and with school starting back tomorrow, I want you guys' input.
    Since I am much younger than most of the people on this site, what kind of high school wisdom can you guys bestow upon me in order to insure that my 11th grade year is one of my best ones yet..?
    I'd genuinely love you guys' input.
    Thanks for watching.
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    Clubs are always a great place in High School. Being a part of a club, or community is always great to be around. Helps socialize, make friends, and keep yourself from being psychotic from taking 99 AP classes. In some schools, I dunno about yours, it'd be time to start thinking into the future of your major, and start trying out clubs/taking classes oriented into your major. In my area, 11th grade was pretty much the time where Colleges really look at your GPA and whatnot, so I wasn't given much of an option in terms of life. Anyways, here's hoping for a guuuud 11th grade!
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    i hate school !