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Graceling's MBR Profile

Discussion in 'Animator Profiles' started by ILovePunCakes, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. ILovePunCakes

    ILovePunCakes Graceling

    May 22, 2016
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    Chicago Ill
    I have two character's I will fight with! So I will display both of them!

    Name: Grace
    Age: 22
    Likes: Sweets, singing, going to the gym to work out, nights alone while reading a good book and writing
    Dislikes: Evil people, arguing with Aura over nothing, being left out of the loop, being called weak by her peers when they assume she's no as powerful as they are, her father

    Grace is the daughter of a mutli billion dollar banker, Andrew Xius. Growing up she was always treated like a princess and was expected to uphold the Xius name. At a young age Grace realized this insane power she had in her hands. She's able to deliver powerful kicks and punches with little to effort. (Think of her as a Sakura from Naruto, except she's no useless c:) Grace is the oldest out of 3 younger siblings. One day, she had gotten into an argument with her father and she stormed outside, not realizing that her siblings were playing outside she hit a great oak tree that was in their front yard, so hard that it fell and landed ontop of her younger brother who was only 5 years old. The accident shattered his spine, paralyzing him for life. After that Grace was disowned and kicked out of her home, she turned the only person that could carry out the family name into a potato and her father was furious. So she walked, and walked. Not knowing where to go or what to do. With the little magic she had locked away for so long, in a burst of emotional turmoil it finally unleashed Aura, her past life and as well as a demon and brought her to the present day.

    Weps: She's a brawler, she can use a sword (forced to use one by Aura) she can also use magic but cannot go all willy nilly with it without passing out.
    Strengths: She's able to round about her attacks, use her environment in her favor, depending on her opponent she can dodge hand to hand attacks easily than other people she can be a somewhat tank so she's able to take a hit and keep coming back.
    Weakness: Light magic, a stronger brawler than her (although she won't go down with a good fight) long rang magic (since she won't be able to get close and she'll be forced to use her own magic)
    [​IMG] (Drawn by Daren c;)

    Name: Aura Tsosie
    Age: 27 ( keep in mind that she's over 1,000 years old)
    Likes: Swordplay, sweets, k dramas (since she's in present day) singing, a real challenge and being alone on rainy days.
    Dislikes: Anyone she deems as "weak", Grace at times, playing nice with anyone who she honestly hates, cockiness, Snails, pickles and technology.

    (This one is kinda long so I'm just gonna give a quick rundown)

    Aura, known as the demon of the Midwest, lived over 5,000 years ago in a team period where the demons ruled the lands. 7 kingdoms, 7 rulers. The only way for you to become a ruler is to master magic, swordplay, and the elements or any other magic you have. Growing up Aura mastered all 3 ( except she's still ify with the elements so she chooses not to use them) She became ruler of her own kingdom and ruled for 2 years before being plunged into war by her fellow rulers, with other 5 rulers dead and only two remained it was a race against time and for the crown. Sadly, Ziyus, the ruler who went rouge got the upper hand on Aura after 7 years of fighting and killed her by 8 swords stabbing her in the chest. With Aura dead Ziyus ruled the 7 kingdoms with a iron fist and everyone Aura loved was killed.

    Now in present, meeting her reincarnation Grace, Aura must face her own issues head on and train her future self in the hopes that she'll have a chance to ever redeem herself. With Grace being half demon Aura likes to call her "Graceling" just her way of insulting her since she's half and half.

    [​IMG] (Drawn by Artitize, her outfit was updated so her ss will look different)

    Strengths: Swordplay, dark magic and flying skills. Being a war general she's able to come up with plans that could help her win any sort of fight( depending on the person).Aura can use her voice to enchant items or open portals, ever so rarely she can use it as a defense but she can if she has too (Grace can also use the same power but it drains her magic like an old cell phone battery) (depending on the person)
    Weakness: She has flashes of ptsd so it can get in the way of her fighting, Light magic (duh) ... Just anyone who's stronger than her.

    Here! My SmashWall collab part. I'm still new to bash animations so ye!

    Battle Record:
    Vs Shulkle (Lost)
    Vs Trystin (Win)




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  2. Trystin Doyal

    Trystin Doyal Kirby fagboy

    Jun 25, 2016
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    I challenge you to an MBR
    A fighting animation.
    30 seconds Minimum.
    If you accept and you need my Sprite sheet
  3. ILovePunCakes

    ILovePunCakes Graceling

    May 22, 2016
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    Chicago Ill
    I accept your challenge. Let's both do our best !
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  4. Shulkle

    Shulkle Still the worst fight maker

    Jan 7, 2016
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    On a computer