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    This is not Guns Collab 2; it will be an updated version of the first collab because I want this to be on the Maplemation YouTube Channel just as Base Breakout, as you can see the original version will get claimed and I don’t want that.

    • The story and theme will remain the same

    • On the other hand I have made peace with the fact that there will be a mish mash of render quality no matter what but, something I want to do differently now is that every part will maintain the flow.

    • If you had a part in the original collab I will try to edit it as good as I can but I'd much prefer If you did it yourself and send me an update; remember the original version still exists in my channel.

    • There also won’t be new animations for the credits unless someone else wants to make them; If you do then I’d gladly give you the .FLA

    1. Keep the flow going.

    Get your ideas out as fast as possible and don’t drag them out, pauses must be super short. A good example is Woods, Ciax and Tray.

    2. DM me when you are done.

    Send me a pose of your character with your ranged weapon of choice as a PNG for the intro and the SWF or MP4 for your part depending on which programs you used.

    3. No GIF bois.

    Unless you can prove me wrong and you make rule #1 work for you at a much lower FPS, remember to add sound effects.

    Download Template
    Animate as much or as little as you want.

    Deadline: 28 Feb 2019
    After that give me a week or two for final touches, rendering, uploading to google drive and all that stuff; I won’t make exceptions, extensions or do any sort of follow-ups; if you couldn’t finish it’s entirely on you.

    You may use any type of ranged weapon.

    It doesn't have to be a gun, or if your character has a sword that shoots lasers and/or is a mage class that works too; keep melee to a minimum.

    Look at the original version, for example in my part with the shotgun or the revolver or that spinning acid rain thing; it has a completely different pacing and timing compared to woods, ciax, or tray (and even then there are some little things I’m going to edit in their parts) which is what you SHOULD DO; avoid doing what I did because I won’t put your part in the final export if you are breaking this rule or if you stop the map you better know what you’re doing, I plan to fix these issues on my part.

    You should be able to criticize your own work and say “oh here’s a problem because this and that, this is what he meant, the map stops, some random character shows up out of nowhere and does something “funny”, so the map stops and a health bar shows up and starts going, the animation stops for like 5 seconds or here’s a scene with voice acting and a bunch cinematic shots…” and if you don’t know how to evaluate your own work then go and post it in the animation section or ask in Discord.

    I will not CnC your part; I can give you some tips but probably not as fast as you’d like me to.

    One tip I can give you is to think outside the box, everyone will have the same set of monster animations, what can do you to make yours stand out? up to you.

    Watch this:

    *In the edited-no pauses version there's still a pause around three and five seconds that shouldn't be there, not to mention the lack of camera movement and there are too many zoom outs to wide shots then pause.

    Notice in the original version all the actions are given the same amount of importance: character show ups, pause; robot walks, pause, character attacks, pause, character burps out a shotgun, pause, zoom out to wide shot, pause, robots attack, pause, character evades, pause, character shows up, pause, character jumps in mid air and attacks, pause, character jumps in mid air hits the other robot spins around and attacks and lands...

    That last part is what you should do, a sequence of actions that is still readable but at a faster pace.

    To summarize here’s a list of the things that won’t get you in the collab:

    • Broken or inconsistent flow

    • Long Pauses

    • le rolfmao LOL XD funny moments

    • Long Cinematic Bits and/or Voice Acting sections

    • Having your friend come out of nowhere and doing something “funny”
    I know, I get it… I’ve also been burned out of bashing/fight animations but here’s something that might be fun I came up for guns collab 2:

    Pick your weapon idea here!
    • Play

      Draw doesn't count; If you win, you get what you chose, if you lose, you use what you lost to.

      Rock: One Handed
      Scissors: Dual Wielding
    • The last digit of your birthday decides the element.
    • The first letter of your name decides your type of weapon.


      I got Dual Wielding Lightning Gatling Guns but It's ok if you cheat tho ;) .
    1. I need two song suggestions one for the participants and one for the finisher; for the participants I already have something but I’m open for change I’m looking for something tencho-y and videogame-ish if that makes any sense.

    2. For the Finisher I have nothing, what I’m looking for must fit the collab’s western/technological/robots theme

    3. Make sure they are not copyright-able
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    Is there going to be a deadline or you just kinda waiting until you get enough content?
    Also, since it's just an update to the original, the story will be the same right?
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    Yooooo this is awesome it would be a perfect fit, I still want to hear more suggestions but this is a strong one.

    Deadline is February 28 and it will come out with whoever finished by that time; if no one has anything by then it will come out with the same 6 or 7 original participants with my updated parts.

    Yes the story is the same, I should also mention that it's not limited to guns, any range weapon or if it's something that can be thrown will do, It could be a gun that shoots out little dogs and that's good to go as long it doesn't break the flow.

    I'll add this information in the main post because I totally forgot, Thanks!

    I also forgot to mention that you can animate as much or as little as you want at any FPS, my bad again.
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    this does seem pretty cool and ive always wanted to animate my gun boi ill make something see how it goes
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