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    Jan 9, 2022
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    Glad to be here at last :F2:

    So! The name's Twaggy. I've been following sprite-related animations and comics for eleven years now, including the wondrous work of the Maple community. I do realize that there's a lot of cross-culture with both it and some of the others, such as SoleRuin, so, if I post sprites of any kind that aren't Maple-related, that's, uh, that's totally why. XD

    I figured I should give myself time to get more involved with the people creating these things, as well as try and see what I can come up with myself. When not lurking, you'll prolly seem me drop some in-depth comments with regards to why this or that animation is awesome in my eyes, 'cause uh, yeah I'm just one of those people.
    Not that I mind :3

    Hope everyone's having a fantastic time!