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    i used the word "And" allot im sorry :_(

    Hello everyone my name is Narky and just a heads up i am terrible at introductions so i apologize if this is all over the place. Anyway i had been watching Maple based animations since i was a kid and i have always wanted to make maple animations but as a kid i was very impatinent which as you know is not a good trait to have for when working with animation.Then two months back im on youtube surfin around and i see a MBR video in the recommeneded (Dont remember which one) so i click on it, start watching it and im thinking to myself that id love to be able to make something like this! and now that im older/smarter/sexy ;) i should give it a try again. So i paid for the animation software, got my characters and was now ready to begin animating. Next thing im strollin down thee ol internet and come across some custom templates, so you know ya boi narky had to go ahead and give that a try. So my charcters ready, custom posses ready lets get animating!....Well actually... i dont like how my character looks...ima change him...but then that would mean i would have to do cusom poses again!....oh well no bigge. So my NEW character design is ready got some custom poses for my NEW character design, lets start animating....Well actually i still dont like how my character looks...ima change him....AGAIN. So yada yada yada Lets start animating..........actaully i dont like how my character looks...... Ladies n gentlemen i remade my character 5 times and the poses too until i was happy.
    (i am currently getting assistance from a member with some new posses S/O to them)
    im serious about getting in this animation thing and would like to reach the level of being skillfull and knowledgable enough to help others get better and also i have a crap tone of ideas that i need to get outta my head soooo yeah. Im always down to learn new things and try new things. i dont know what else to say.

    I havent uploaded anything yet since im in the process of reclouring my character.
    Hope this was a decent introduction and not just me talking out my ass, i look foward to working with all of yall!

    And And And And And And (im sorry)
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    Heya Narky! Welcome to the forums! And don't worry; alot of us can be impatient to finish our stuff as well. Some even cut corners, which is no bueno.
    It's awesome to see you're going to give your character a new look as well to start fresh, and it seems you really like the Thief/Assassin look very much. Let me or any staff know about any questions and don't hesitates to post your animations in the Animations section or in the Animations channel in the discord.

    Have an awesome stay!
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    You know the nice thing about making animations. I believe it helps train yourself to become more patient. You’ll be able to emerse yourself into a small world that you’re going to create. It’s rather relaxing. Anyways, Welcome to Maplemation. Glad you’ve got the passion to get yourself into gear for animation.