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    Hey guys. BulbaWhat98 here. I'm here to announce the Highlight Collab, which is being hosted by Knightblade490. He doesn't have a Maplemation account, so I volunteered to create a thread of the collab for him. The Collab idea is to have a highlight intro of your character that you will animate. It doesn't have to be your own, but you will need to have permission to use their character and run it by them to see if they are okay with it. You can animate more than one intro with each involving one character. Also, you can add in some sound effects and lighting, just not too much that it would overpower the background music. Also, there is already a play of the game collab that is 3D models. It was done by thegoostation. Here are links to the collabs they have done so far. Knightblade490 has also done an example of a highlight at the end of the announcement video above.

    Description of Highlights (Not limited to):
    1) Personal pose, your character still be in one pose doing a "simple" pose. I made an example at the end of the video with how the text should looks like. (3-6 seconds)
    2) Action pose, your character doing some action moves and you will have to do a nice slowmo for the last 1-2 seconds (5-6 seconds).
    3) Clumsy, well this one is a bit tricky. It is really just your character doing something that will make someone think, "What?" It can be anything really, just not NSFW. (4-5 seconds)
    4) Fun, self explained. Your character going out and having fun.(4-6 seconds)
    5) Dangerous, An after match or dramatic need scene to show off "Don't fuck with me" type feel. No disbodyment.(3-5 seconds)

    Don't rush your entry(entries). Take your time. Knightblade490 adds how long each highlight intro should be and that each intro is about ONE character. You also don't have to be a Maple Animator. The Collab is open to all animators (except 3D)

    Here's the Discord Server for anyone who's interested to join:

    Thank you guys for reading this, and I hope you guys can join Knightblade490's Collab. :)