Homewreck: A One-Act Play

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    This is a stage play that I've written (with the help of @Miles) for my AP English Language and Composition class final.
    The prompt of the final was to write about anything in any form, so I decided to be an overachiever and write a script (about 20 pages, to be exact!)

    Before you delve into the piece, here is something to call to your attention to help your understanding, interpretation, and visualization of the play:

    Understanding Stage Directions
    Stage directions help actors set up stage blocking (queuing where and when an actor will move). To mark the places where the actors may cross to, the stage is broken into nine areas:

    CS = Center Stage
    SL = Stage Left (relative to CS)
    SR = Stage Right (relative to CS)
    DC = Downstage Center (in front of CS, closest to the audience)
    DL = Downstage Left
    DR = Downstage Right
    UC = Upstage Center (behind CS, furthest from the audience)
    UL = Upstage Left
    UR = Upstage Right

    Stage Directions in Parentheses
    In official scripts, writers tend to keep direct stage directions limited. This is done soley for the director, actors, and other producers to interpret the actions of the characters in their own way. It also makes the overall production more flexible and fun to work with!

    Beats are simply pauses, usually to add to drama, suspense, or humor.

    And that should be it!
    Sorry for the mouthful.
    If you have any other questions about understanding the script, just ask!

    So, without further ado, I, The Saturnian Outsider present to you:

    by Allisa Rosales


    Senior in high school, the protagonist of the story. Stands at a towering 6'1 and comes from a prideful high middle-class family. He is known for being relatively calm and collected (except when he's stressed out).

    Sophomore in high school, Ezekiel's girlfriend. Comes from a low-middle class family. Short (4'10'') yet gifted (38DDD), this Hawaiian sprite of a girl is impulsive and happy-go-lucky on the surface, but she's entirely rational, intellectual, and caring in the mind.

    Senior in high school. Thin for his height (5'11). Charismatic, condescending, heterosexual, and just a slight feminine on the physical side. Glasses are his trademark.

    Ezekiel's best friend since childhood. Buff, but not brawny. Crudely humorous and rebellious.

    Dustyn's girlfriend and Luana's best friend. Five feet tall and physically fit with a stoic, aloof attitude.

    Close friend of Luana and Alice. Same height as Luana, similar characteristics to both when with friends and insanely shy and giggly one-on-one.

    College student, Ezekiel’s close friend. Average-looking. The funny guy of the group and also the wisest.

    Mordechai’s best friend, twin brother of John.

    Mordechai’s best friend, twin brother of Ajax.

    Ezekiel's mom. Classic, conceited, and prideful. Hard to please, and toxicity is her specialty.

    Ezekiel’s dad. The more sympathetic of his parents, though he usually sides with his wife Chanel.

    Ezekiel's little brother of nine, the cute chubby kid in the family. (Because why not?)​
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    SCENE: Warm cozy living room. The front door is SR, and the furniture and trim are made of mahogany; the window curtains are dull brown. EZEKIEL DUVAL and LUANA KALILI lay on the couch SC half-clothed. He pets her head as she rests against his chest. Both are uncomfortably quiet.

    EZEKIEL. (Concerned.) Are you okay?

    LUANA. Yeah, I'm fine.

    EZEKIEL. You haven't been acting so fine lately.

    LUANA. I’m fine.

    EZEKIEL. (Growing irritability.) Stop acting like that. It doesn’t help. You were all over me a minute ago, and now you’re just pushing me away.

    LUANA. I don’t mean to.

    EZEKIEL. You always say that! You pull this kinda shit every damn time! (LUANA progressively withdraws; EZEKIEL controls his anger.) Luana. You have to talk to me. I know something is wrong. Can you please tell me?

    LUANA. (Quietly.) I don't love you anymore.

    EZEKIEL. What?

    LUANA. (Looking up to him.) I don't. Love you. Anymore.

    EZEKIEL. W-What, why?

    LUANA. I just…

    EZEKIEL. Tell me. Is this because of him?

    LUANA. (Calmly.) Zeke, it's not about him. It's just that I'm gonna be moving away, and your parents don't even like me, and—

    EZEKIEL. Bu-but that didn't even matter before! (He pushes her off and sits upright.) Is there something I should change, is there something that I missed?

    LUANA. (Standing up, using hand gestures as she speaks.) Look. I'm trying to be more realistic here. Put the rest of your clothes on. (He gets dressed as she continues.) We've never been able to go out or do anything together without bothering someone in either of our families. We're not even going to see each other as often as we used to because the only place we could see each other is at school. (She grows tired of reasoning.) All we do when we're together is have sex. That's what our relationship's turned into: having sex.

    EZEKIEL. But Lu... I love you.

    LUANA. (She sits back down next to him, placing a hand on his cheek and smiling warmly.) And I love you, too. (Moving her hand away.) But this... This can't work out. You and me. It's just not right. (He says nothing with a glassy look on his face, and she patiently waits for a response. No response given, she then gets up again and crosses SR towards the door.) You should probably go home, Zeke.

    EZEKIEL. (Gets up and crosses SR.) So this is it?

    LUANA. You're still a great friend to me.

    EZEKIEL. Right—a friend. (He walks out without another word, and LUANA exits SL.)​

    SCENE: Dining room of the DUVAL residence, dinnertime. High class bocote table with turquoise tableware and white placemats. The DUVAL family of CHANEL, THEODORE, and STEPHEN are seated at the table in the adjacent room, dining on some home-cooked lasagna. EZEKIEL enters DL through the door, crossing living room CS.

    CHANEL. (Scoffing.) Back from that vagrant poi-belly’d Luana’s house, hm? How did you enjoy the off-brand condoms—oh wait—she probably can’t even afford those.

    THEODORE. (Trying to hold back a laugh.) Here boy, take some lasagna. It’s still hot, and you’re probably tired after all the exercise you do over there. (He slides a plate to EZEKIEL.)

    EZEKIEL. Not hungry.

    STEPHEN. More for me, then! (Takes the platter.)

    CHANEL. Ate over there, hm? I highly doubt you even ate food.

    EZEKIEL. Stop it.

    THEODORE. What’s the matter? (He puts a hand on his shoulder. EZEKIEL jerks away.)

    CHANEL. His thin skin is showing again, honey. (Takes a bite of lasagna.) He always gets this way whenever I mention that tramp of a girl he calls Luana. I prefer to call her a lowlife, good-for-nothing whor-

    EZEKIEL. (Clutching his fists.) Don’t talk about her like that.

    CHANEL. (Sneering.) Here we go, valiant Ezekiel here to defend his little girlfriend's honor! I love a good dinner with a show—don’t you, dear? (THEODORE nods with a laugh.)

    EZEKIEL. (Staring at the wall.) She’s not my girlfriend.

    STEPHEN. (Drops his fork.) What? (CHANEL and THEODORE look at EZEKIEL.)

    EZEKIEL. Not anymore.

    CHANEL. (Throws head back with a laugh.) Really now? You finally wisened up and left that cheap little lava lamp? I knew you would come to your senses! I just knew it!

    EZEKIEL. (Crosses CS to the living room.) You don’t get it. It wasn't like that.

    THEODORE. Hold on boy! Stay right here. So, she’s not your girlfriend, but you didn’t break it off with her?

    EZEKIEL. She... she dumped me.


    CHANEL. God, you’re pathetic. With enough money to suffocate someone, you still couldn’t manage to keep a relationship alive? Hmph, well at least someone killed the joke that you called a relationship; she wasn’t good enough for you anyway.

    EZEKIEL. No, you don’t understand. You never understand. (Exits DL, slamming the door.)​

    SCENE: Salient Park in the evening. A white marble fountain next to a sidewalk with two iron benches. A streetlamp SL, an oak tree SR. One bench sits under an oak tree while another sits under the glowing streetlamp. DUSTYN KAROVSKA, ALICE VITALE, and COLLIN BRESLOW hang around SL; the couple is smoking. Frustrated EZEKIEL runs in SR, passing his friends, exits SL. Beat. His friends look befuddled at the happening until he reenters SL.

    ALICE. (Puffing.) Hey Roadrunner, where were you heading?

    EZEKIEL. (Catching his breath.) Away.

    DUSTYN. (To ALICE.) Chewed out by his mom again.

    ALICE. (To EZEKIEL.) About Luana? What did she say about her this time?

    COLLIN. (Scoffing.) Probably mentioned something stupid like hula dancing on his lap or whatever. (EZEKIEL seethes.) Or not.

    DUSTYN. (Putting out his cigarette.) Hey man, you're like a brick wall. What's troubling you?

    EZEKIEL. ... Luana.

    ALICE. Luana? Is she upset? ... Did you guys have a fight? (EZEKIEL doesn't reply.)

    COLLIN. They broke up. (ALICE and DUSTYN look at COLLIN in surprise, then to EZEKIEL.) You guys broke up.

    EZEKIEL. (Laughing.) You got me. I got dumped worse than horseshit.

    DUSTYN. Aw, come on, it couldn't have been that bad. (EZEKIEL scoffs.) Okay, so it was. So what? (ALICE punches DUSTYN's arm.) Ow! What was that for?

    ALICE. Mordechai Sylvanus.


    THE BOYS. Who?

    ALICE. Mordechai Sylvanus. Some kid from her chemistry class.

    EZEKIEL. (Glassy.) And you haven't told me this, why?

    ALICE. Because I thought she knew better.

    DUSTYN. Wow, Alice.

    ALICE. What? (Putting out her cigarette and tossing it on the ground.) I told her that she has no reason to break up with Zeke because there was literally nothing wrong with their relationship. Sure, she's gonna move away, but hell, that hasn't stopped her before. Remember Bryce Wilhelm from last year?

    EZEKIEL. Do not mention that name.

    ALICE. Bryce Wilhelm. The douchey college kid who emotionally abused her while she was just a freshman. They dated for half of the school year until you—

    EZEKIEL. I don't want to think about that.

    COLLIN. Calm down, man, you weren't a homewrecker back then. You were the knight in shining armor that saved her from the dragon's scorching flames. (Offers a cigarette and lighter.) He deserved it anyway.

    EZEKIEL. (Taking the cigarette and puffing.) I don't want to hurt anyone anymore, Collin. Not after that.

    DUSTYN. (Laughing.) Dude, you didn’t kill him, you just gave him the facts. Told him off. He did her wrong, and he deserved a few punches in the gut. And the face. And cut the whole mysterious edge-lord act, man. You got Luana afterwards.

    EZEKIEL. (Throws the cigarette down and crushes it with his shoe, getting worked up with DUSTYN.) But I don’t have her anymore now, do I?

    COLLIN. Hey, Zeke, come on man. (EZEKIEL advances towards DUSTYN, COLLIN moves between the two as ALICE pulls DUSTYN back.) Zeke. Hey man, just take it easy, okay? Give it a week or two. You’ll get over her, trust me. Just don’t think about her so much, all right? (EZEKIEL huffs. He pats DUSTYN on the back in apology, and DUSTYN obliges.) There we go, there’s our Zeke. Just sit back and relax for a while. We can check out the upcoming auto show next week. How’s that sound? (EZEKIEL nods, leaning back on the bench with a long sigh.) Cool.

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    SCENE: Bastion West High courtyard, lunchtime. Old castle walls turned into a high-school surround the courtyard, cyclopean stones are scattered amongst the dirt to form stony pathways amongst the trees, grass, flowers, and shrubbery. CAMARIN, DUSTYN, and ALICE sit under a tree SR, eating and talking.

    CAMARIN. Hold on, what's been going on between Zeke and Lu? It's been awhile since they've been all lovey-dovey. Are they in a fight?

    ALICE. She dumped him.

    CAMARIN. Wait, what?

    ALICE. Exactly.

    CAMARIN. Well, that sucks.

    ALICE. It was probably because of Mordechai.

    CAMARIN. Mordechai Sylvanus? From her chemistry class? Really? But Lu hasn't been with him lately, has she?

    DUSTYN. Cam, are you serious?


    CAMARIN. What?

    ALICE. Camarin, Luana has BEEN talking to Mordechai for months now, even WHILE Zeke and she were dating. She's been telling me all about how she and Zeke were never able to go out and that she and Mordechai have been hanging out with other friends or whatever. Word has it that they did the nasty already, but who knows?

    CAMARIN. Well, maybe not, though. She's moving away in the summer, isn't she?

    DUSTYN. Indeedy.

    CAMARIN. So wouldn't it make sense that she wouldn't want to have a relationship with anyone from this school?

    ALICE. Maybe. I honestly don't give a shit about it at this point.

    CAMARIN. Oh, well. (Fusses with her food.) Poor Zeke, though.

    DUSTYN. Speak of the devil.

    (Enter both EZEKIEL and LUANA SL, each with a tray of food heading towards their friends.)

    LUANA. (To EZEKIEL.) You holding up okay?

    EZEKIEL. (Avoiding eye contact.) I guess… So, have you found anyone new yet?

    LUANA. (Giggling.) No, have you?

    EZEKIEL. (Relieved sigh.) Well, there had been some rumors going around...

    LUANA. What type of rumors?

    EZEKIEL. That you left me for some Mordechai kid or something. You didn’t do that, did you?

    LUANA. (Placing a hand on his shoulder.) Zeke, since when did you learn to trust rumors?

    DUSTYN. (Standing up, calling towards the two.) Hey! Are you two gonna get over here and eat, or are you too busy getting back together over there?

    (LUANA and EZEKIEL arrive and sit down.)

    LUANA. Um…

    CAMARIN. Aw, do you really think that, Dustyn? Maybe they’re gonna run away together or something! (DUSTYN chuckles.)

    ALICE. (Towards CAMARIN and DUSTYN.) Ugh, cut it out you two. Just eat your lunches, we don’t need to tease them like this.

    EZEKIEL. Thanks, Alice.

    (MORDECHAI Enters from SL with AJAX and JOHN striding right up behind LUANA before bending down kissing her directly on the lips from above her.)

    MORDECHAI. Hi, darling.

    (CARMARIN, DUSTYN, ALICE, and EZEKIEL stare at MORDECHAI with dumbfoundment.)

    LUANA. H-hey there, Morde...

    EZEKIEL. Morde..?

    MORDECHAI. Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Mordechai Sylvanus. Nice to meet you. (Extends his hand for a handshake to EZEKIEL, who leaves him hanging. MORDECHAI then turns back to LUANA.) Well sweetheart, I’m off to eat lunch. (Picks up her tray walks over to exit SR, AJAX and JOHN following.) Come along, baby.

    LUANA. Hey! That's my tray! Sorry Zeke... (LUANA follows the boys SR.)​

    SCENE: Bastion West High courtyard, afternoon. The final bell rings, Entire cast enters from UC. LUANA and MORDECHAI are the first to leave along with the TWINS, SR. ALICE and DUSTYN give EZEKIEL and CAMARIN unscripted farewells and exit SL, leaving the two by themselves at CS.

    CAMARIN. (Laughing awkwardly.) What a surprise during lunch, hm?

    EZEKIEL. (Starting to exit SR.) Don’t mention it.

    CAMARIN. Hey, hey, don’t be so mean, you big butthead!

    (EZEKIEL suddenly trips over his feet, falling to the ground, the contents of his bookbag spilling everywhere. CAMARIN gasps and scurries to his side, helping him pick up his things.)

    CAMARIN. (Awkward, yet charming laugh.) What was that all about?

    EZEKIEL. (Shoving things into his bag without thinking straight.) Nothing, it was nothing. (Aside.) Just like her.

    CAMARIN. What was that?

    EZEKIEL. Nothing! (Both he and CAMARIN stand up after cleaning the mess.) Thank you, Camarin.

    CAMARIN. No problem! You should be more careful next time. (Laughing as she starts towards SL.) A guy as tall as you is bound to trip over almost anything.

    EZEKIEL. (Chuckles.) Yeah, yeah, okay, I gotcha. (Turns towards SR, then back towards CAMARIN.) Hey, Cam?

    CAMARIN. (Stops and turns her heel.) What's up?

    EZEKIEL. You wanna... Go out?

    CAMARIN. Oh! Where to?

    EZEKIEL. No, I mean... (Forcefully.) Do you wanna be my girlfriend? (Immediate regret.) I'm sorry.

    CAMARIN. (Distastefully.) What... are you thinking?

    EZEKIEL. I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking, I—

    CAMARIN. Smooth as hell, Zeke. (Turning away, starting back towards SL.) It's not THAT easy to win a girl's heart, you know!

    EZEKIEL. Cam. Cam! Cam, come back, I... (She exits.) I'm... sorry... Ugh, what am I gonna do… (Turns, trudges out SR.)
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    SCENE: Salient Park, Saturday afternoon. EZEKIEL sits on the bench under the oak tree SR with his phone, contemplating.

    EZEKIEL. (Dials number.) Hello? Lu? Listen, can you come over to the park in a bit? ... I just need to talk to you about something. … Needing some advice. … Yeah, thanks. Bye. (Hangs up. He awkwardly fidgets with his coat as he puts his phone away. Lights down. Beat. Lights up. The hour has passed, and EZEKIEL is pacing by the bench slowly as he waits, running a hand through his hair.)

    LUANA. (Enters SR.) Hey, stranger. Nice to see you this Saturday afternoon.

    EZEKIEL. (Whirls around in nervous surprise.) Oh! (Attempts to keep cool.) Hey there. How are you?

    LUANA. (Takes a seat on the bench.) I’m fine, just fine.

    EZEKIEL. (Aside.) Fine. (To LUANA.) That’s good.

    LUANA. What’re you doing just standing around there for? Take a seat. (He sits.) So, you wanted to talk to me about something?

    EZEKIEL. It’s about Camarin.

    LUANA. (Leaning close in a friendly manner.) Hohoh, yeah, what about her? Have you two been in cahoots or something lately?

    EZEKIEL. (Awkwardly wraps arm around LUANA.) Sort of.

    LUANA. (Realizing his melancholy, her words of concern jumbling together.) Are you okay, what’s wrong, what happened, tell me?

    EZEKIEL. (Slowly.) You know how I’ve been taking a liking to her? Well… let’s just say that I’ve only liked her all this time because… she’s always reminded me of you. They way you laugh, the way your face used to light up whenever I arrived, the way you get excited over things, hell, even the way you talk. Heh, no wonder you two are really good friends. Whenever I’m with her, everything we do together reminds me of what you and I had, and the more I hang out with her, the more I wish she could be you, and it just makes me feel terrible, especially towards her. I… I can’t get you out of my head, Luana... (Leans in for a kiss.)

    (MORDECHAI starts jogging in from CS wearing running clothes, then slows to a stop as he sees EZEKIEL's advance towards LUANA.)

    MORDECHAI. (Stomping angrily towards EZEKIEL.) Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on here? What exactly are you trying to pull?

    EZEKIEL. I-... It was nothing, uh...

    LUANA. Morde! (Runs to MORDECHAI.)

    MORDECHAI. Nothing? Oh yeah, nothing at all; only making a move on MY girlfriend. (Stomps closer to EZEKIEL.) Trying to kiss MY girlfriend. (He stands right in EZEKIEL’s face.)

    EZEKIEL. Well, I HAD HER FIRST! (Clenches his fists.)

    MORDECHAI. (Scoffs, backs off.) Well, not anymore. I wish she could have left you sooner; I was about to walk away myself.


    EZEKIEL. What?!

    LUANA. Mordechai!

    MORDECHAI. Oh, you didn’t know? She played you the whole time; we even LAUGHED about it as it was going on. You are truly a hapless idio—

    (EZEKIEL throws the first punch at MORDECHAI’s temple. LUANA yelps. MORDECHAI dodges, punching EZEKIEL in the face. EZEKIEL recoils, before winding up to punch MORDECHAI square in the nose, cracking his glasses and busting his lip. MORDECHAI stumbles backwards, tripping on his feet and falling. LUANA catches him.)

    LUANA. Stop it! Both of you! This is stupid, and it’s killing me to see you hurt each other! (MORDECHAI scrambles back onto his feet and stands up by LUANA, who’s more fixated on EZEKIEL.) Zeke…

    EZEKIEL. (Curtly.) What?

    LUANA. Let me give you some advice. Not just about Camarin. But about yourself.

    (EZEKIEL hesitates.)

    EZEKIEL. Go on.

    LUANA. (Slowly.) You’re not ready for another relationship.

    EZEKIEL. That’s because YOU destroyed what we had!

    LUANA. (Calmly.) No. WE did. Just you and me. (EZEKIEL stares at her in befuddlement.) We didn’t do anything, darling. We couldn’t. We were too scared to stand up for our relationship, so what we did was hide it. We were too ashamed because we felt too guilty to be together. Your parents never liked me, and my dad never trusted you. I wasn’t happy. And you can admit that you weren’t either. Think about it. We wouldn’t have worked out.

    EZEKIEL. But—

    LUANA. Listen. No buts. Now tell me what happened between you and Camarin?

    EZEKIEL. It’s stupid.

    LUANA. Tell me.

    EZEKIEL. You’ll laugh.

    LUANA. Come on, Zeke.

    EZEKIEL. I tried to make things move faster than they should.

    LUANA. See what I mean? When was this?

    EZEKIEL. Just this past Thursday. (Beat.) What?

    LUANA. Ezekiel.

    EZEKIEL. Luana.

    LUANA. No.

    EZEKIEL. Sorry.

    LUANA. Don’t apologize to me.

    EZEKIEL. She won’t talk to me. I don’t think she ever will again.

    LUANA. Then give her time. If not, leave her alone from now on.

    EZEKIEL. I can’t do that.

    LUANA. You can.

    EZEKIEL. But I hurt her.

    LUANA. It’ll be better if you do. Think of it. It would hurt both of you more. It would make things much worse than they need to be.

    EZEKIEL. I just don’t wanna hurt anyone anymore. I even hurt you.

    LUANA. No, silly. You didn’t hurt me. I’m not upset with you. If anything, I hurt you because I’m the one who ended what you and I had. But that’s because it was spiraling down already. It’s not exactly easy to patch up a sinking ship, especially once it’s already half-submerged. You can’t just go through life without hurting anyone. And people have to hurt in order to get through it anyways. We all learn from the hurt. What goes around comes around. Such is life.

    EZEKIEL. Luana. I’m scared.

    LUANA. Ezekiel. Just take it easy. Okay? You’re in over your head, and you shouldn’t fret too much about things like this. Sooner or later, I’ll just be some other girl to you. And that’s okay. You’ll be fine.

    EZEKIEL. ...I’ll be fine.

    LUANA. Just fine.


    EZEKIEL. Lu, do me a favor. And don’t take it too personal.

    LUANA. Yeah?

    EZEKIEL. Don’t try to talk to me anymore. I’d rather not keep this whole happening between us on my mind.

    LUANA. Whatever makes you feel better. If you ever need anything from me, just pop me a text. Okay? (EZEKIEL nods. LUANA turns to MORDECHAI.) Come here, let me see your face, pretty boy. (MORDECHAI leans down towards her. She kisses his cheek.) I’m gonna get him patched up. You all right yourself, Zeke?

    EZEKIEL. Just a scratch or two. Nothing as bad as his. (MORDECHAI growls and EZEKIEL waves the couple off as they exit SR. EZEKIEL paces around the park bench, holding his hand to the fresh bruise on his cheek.) Boy, what a day. (Exits SL.)​

    SCENE: Salient Park, months later. EZEKIEL is with DUSTYN, ALICE, and COLLIN, hanging out and eating snacks by the bench SR. EZEKIEL tries to catch the popcorn his friends throw at him in his mouth. Eventually, they just dump the whole bag on him, and they share laughs.

    EZEKIEL. (Brushing himself off from the mess.) And that's how you do it. Try to beat that, Collin.

    COLLIN. Nah man, I'd rather keep myself clean, y'know? (Sarcastically condescending.) You kids need to get your act together! College is serious stuff, I would know!

    (DUSTYN dumps the bag over COLLIN's head, ALICE and EZEKIEL laughing as COLLIN falls over.)

    EZEKIEL. Says the man who can't even stay standing upon his own two feet!

    COLLIN. Touché, touché!

    ALICE. Wow, you guys are asshats.

    DUSTYN. (Pressing his rear end against ALICE.) Why don't you try me on then, hm? (ALICE bites his arm.) Yeouch! Sorry, love. (Kisses her forehead.)

    COLLIN. (Pulling the bag off, eyeing EZEKIEL.) Speaking of looove…

    ALICE. Ooh, Ezekiel Duval, charming French boy strikes again. Who is it this time?

    DUSTYN. Bea Cicero from Theatre.

    ALICE. Oooooh, the freshman? You sly dog.

    EZEKIEL. Eh, it kind of reminds me of Bryce.

    COLLIN. Psh, you’re not THAT much of a shit-dick.

    EZEKIEL. I beg to differ.

    DUSTYN. Aw, why?

    EZEKIEL. I said no.

    ALICE. What?!

    DUSTYN. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve been lovesick for so long, you pretty much deserve it now.

    COLLIN. Now, now, kids, let the young man testify.

    EZEKIEL. Haha, all right, well… I have come to realize that I am nowhere ready to try my hand in another relationship. Especially after losing my v-card to my last one. Honestly, I don’t regret it, though, because Luana—she was a great girlfriend... until she pulled all of that bullshit some months ago. But hey—it’s kind of my fault, too. I took our relationship way too seriously. Hell, I pretty much told her that I would marry her. God, was I stupid. Now she’s with that scrawny, shriveled up used condom, and I honestly hope she’ll get what she deserves.

    ALICE. What about your family?

    EZEKIEL. Told them the situation. Stephen got upset, but who gives a damn what Stephen thinks? Mom was pretty bitchy about it, but I had to make it clear that despite how valuable our friendship really was, I don’t want anything to do with Luana anymore. Dad didn’t really care about it; he only cares that I’m okay and that I’m happy with my life. To put it honestly, I’d say that I’m not exactly happy with my life... but I’m certainly where I need to be.​
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    drowning in college work
    yooo dis is goood yo wish I did something like this in AP Lang but we had a boring ass project for our final instead.