I burned out.... shit.

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    I have unfortunately been unable to focus and work on my ffambr part, so I'm going to have to drop out.
    However, since I put a lot of work into this, I thought I might as well share what i did get done with the community, and get some pointers about what I could improve on next time. I'm also going to post what I was doing/going to do below.
    All that being said, here's the video, and sorry about the minimal sound/visual effects, I was going to add that in after I finished the fight.

    Alright, so I was gonna have a little intro scene made (if I had the time) where all of the fighters are sitting around in the waiting room, thinking that there's only gonna be normal one v one mrb matches. They get surprised when it's announced that it's gonna be a free for all, at the request of an arena funder, and that the match starts right then and there.
    the camera then cuts to where the video begins. From where i run out of motivation, it was gonna be dan vs sungod and trashbag vs epicness while dar fights alex and ike (it wasn't said that people couldn't team up to take out others). After dar manages to find a way to take out alex, he then gives control to lit. from there, she uses her weapons to take on and defeat ike. trashbag defeats epicness by knocking him out with a few repated uppercuts, and lit takes him on by going into her semisolid light state. she beats him, and dan beats sungod by hitting him with an electrified opportunity. I had now clue how I was gonna have lit beat dan, but I was gonna figure it out when i got there.

    All that being said, thanks for watching!
    Also quick added note, I would enjoy hearing any cnc you guys might have on this, even if it is unfinished.

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    wow darlit that was good i admit you are better then me and the way then my character use the katana was cool we hope you end you part
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    If you don't see me behind you then I'm not there
    shit man it was looking good but I can see that you burnt out in the animation as your video quality was slowly getting worse.
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