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    Life is vague if you make it vague, people can go into detail if they choose to do so. Spritefan knew what he was talking about in the tutorials but when he teaches it, its very poor and confusing. Almost like he didn't write down what he was gonna say and how to properly explain the subject he was going to talk about which is probably more likely. If your going to teach, plan in how you are going to teach it. And I do not relay on one source for these animations tutorials. So I don't know where you got that idea, pretty stupid to assume that. I will keep my mindset like that because I'm just being real with myself. I'm not slow and stupid on all subjects in life. Just in animation, I guess stupid is a strong word. Ignorant is probably a better choice of word. So to repeat what I said in different words, "I'm a slow learner who has trouble processing this information, and very ignorant on the current subject which is animation."

    In the end there should be more tutorials that is actually planned out so people can easily learn the information. Not this "Oh yeah, btw this is what this "thing" I forgot to mention that... so yeah its pretty cool...", and also explain the do and don't. Even though new animators will most likely do some "don'ts", but as you said we will understand that wrong. But will the changes might happen maybe maybe not I don't predict time so...
    Last thing, I do check AlanBeckers he the reason why I to do animation :) But I will go learn the tools of flash since this month I have 1 class. So I have a month to spare :)
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    It sounds like what @Geremy Rodriguez is saying is that he wishes there were better teachers for animation tutorials.

    I agree that a lot of tutorials should be scripted when they are not. Project Revival is working on tutorials, and I made the point that they can be overly chatty/verbose in them, so maybe they'll start being more concise or scripting their tutorials. But those are SV tutorials, so maybe those won't help you.
    It is advisable for current team members/leaders and staff members to make some tutorials if they think they can. If you're using Flash or Fireworks, don't ask me though. There are plenty of other members who do use those programs and could consider making tutorials. Perhaps you should encourage them to do so? c: You can also find help around the forums for specific problems you may be having.

    I think Lieow's point with "stay[ing] slow and stupid" was to encourage a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. There's at least one article on it somewhere, but people who consider themselves definitely "stupid" tend to do worse than people who acknowledge that their abilities are not fixed and have room to improve.

    Yes, it would be great for tutorial makers to script out their tutorials before recording them.

    Good luck learning more about Flash and animation!
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