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    1. What type of Media do you wish to work with in regards to games (Code, Art, Animation, etc...)
    I'm up for sketching concepts, helping to organize info and files, world building(writing), basic spriting, and animating. I'm planning on picking up some coding and improving my other skills along the way.

    2. Who are you? How did you become active in this media? Why? When? Who taught you? Tell us your story around this media.
    Wello, I'm Stabby or Darlit Glitch, whichever ya prefer.
    I'm mostly self taught and I've been playing around with game ideas and concepts for a while now, but only recently realized the resources to make games existed. So I've decided to kick my but into gear and try my hand at helping to make them, like I did with animation when I finally got my hands on flash 8.

    3. Tell us anything we need to know about your future behavior in the team. Why do you want this position? What are your plans to improve the team? How dedicated are you?
    I'm here to contribute in any way I can and will do my best to stay up to date on what's happening, as I'm not always able to get online. I hope to help organize and develop ideas along with providing concept sketches for the ideas. As for dedication, I will admit I have a bit of a problem getting stalled on something because I want to make sure it's done right, but I'm always working on that, and I'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't affect what I do for this team. We're here to make games after all, not perfect stories and worlds.

    4. Do you have any games you worked on or made assets for already? If so, show us.

    Haven't made any games yet, but I do have a few sketches and sprites.
    I sadly don't have a recent animation to show right now.

    Some basic spritework and otherwise.
    Character emotes

    Silly thing. Both of the above are on my DA with descriptions.

    Weapons I've made for others. I've added a filter on them to make sure they don't get stolen, as they were specifically made for those people.

    Here's a simple animation of an old idea.

    And the current state of it. honestly not much has changed, though I'm still trying to figure some things out.

    Some of my sketches

    Also I figured I would give an example of a concept I'm trying to flesh out, even if it isn't for a game.

    5. Do you have anything else to add?
    I'll be sticking around at my worst, helping out as much as possible at my best. Not really much beyond that.
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    The UI/Animation and Sprites are looking pretty great!

    I like the fact that you're self aware about being active, and trying to keep an eye out on that.
    Personally I don't believe that a story written without game concepts founded in actual Game Designin is something we need, but without question we're glad to have you as one of the asset creators in the future, and as we grow together as a team, you'll grow with us.

    You've shown good promise in our chat, and I'm hoping to see more work from you in the future.
    With this in mind, I welcome you to the Game Team @Darlit Glitch.
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